This weekend marks one of the seminal Hopkins traditions: Spring Fair! Our annual food and fun festival is the largest student-run fair in the country and it is a weekend-long marathon of food, music, and merriment. Even though this is my first Spring Fair, I thought I’d write about my favorite events and (more importantly) foods from this weekend.

Thursday – watching all of the vendors set up on the quads was so excited and gave me a sweet preview of what I’d be eating this weekend.

Friday evening – ice cream from A&B soft serve. I got a sundae but one of their more popular items is ice cream dipped in chocolate.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 17.05.34

*heart eyes emoji*

Friday night – the concert!!! Marian Hill, Schwayze, and headliners the Chainsmokers performed. It was a seriously great performance and even if you didn’t get a ticket, you could basically see the entire thing on Snapchat

So dope!!! Disclaimer: I did not take this picture

So dope!!!
Disclaimer: I did not take this picture

Saturday late morning – a corndog from a giant stand I didn’t catch the name of (but had every fried food imaginable) and Wild Bill’s soda. I heard Wild Bill’s was a staple of Spring Fair and I had to grab one of their cups for free refills all day. Pro-tip: mix Wild Bill’s orange soda with a little bit of the cream soda to get an orange creamsicle drink


Everything is corndogs and nothing hurts

Saturday at noon – my shift for Pie a Pi Phi! Pie a Pi Phi is my sorority’s big philanthropy event this semester. For $2, you can pie the sister of your choice in the face all to benefit children’s literacy efforts!


Thank you for supporting children’s literacy, Zanir

Saturday early afternoon – more food, this time from B’More Greek. I had a chicken souvlaki pita wrap and it was delicious; definitely an essential stop if you want a break from fried food. I also walked around the vendors and craftspeople on the Gilman Quad and got my dad a Father’s Day gift!

Saturday evening – I had to take a break from the food and especially the sun and I worked on a paper that I had, and actually got a lot done, probably because I knew I’d be sleeping a lot today (Sunday) from going out on Saturday night.

Saturday night – grabbed another blooming onion and a crab cake sandwich because #maryland

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 17.05.59

crab cakes are bae

Sunday morning – sleeping ?

Sunday at noon – Pie a Pi Phi shift #2! It was quieter today because I think people were still sleeping.

Sunday afternoon – naptime ?

REGRETS FROM THE WEEKEND: I did not get Fried Oreos or Chicken on Stick (yes, it is not Chicken on A stick) but I’ll stake out the lines early next year.

Overall, it was a really amazing weekend. I mean, I’m sunburnt ad exhausted, but now I know the ins and outs of Spring Fair, so I can make next year even better.