Spring Fair is by far the best thing that happens on campus. It is a weekend that everyone collectively cherishes. Spring Fair is either the largest or one the largest student organized fair of its kind, and it shows. All around campus there are a ton of different events, booths, and attractions to explore. There is almost always constant live music on the beach, carnival rides and games, a ton of different food options, and even a children’s section, complete with bubble machines and bounce houses. It is completely impossible to be out of things to do, and even if you are, since it’s spring, lounging on the quads is always an option, that many many students take advantage of.

Something that isn’t always advertised to students about Spring Fair is the way in which in connects our campus to the greater Baltimore community. It is one of the few events that occur on campus that aren’t exclusively for Hopkins affiliates. It’s great to see all of our green space, and our relative little piece of urban paradise utilized by other Baltimore residents, not just students. Spring Fair serves not only as an event that helps students relax and de-stress, but allows for the university as well as students and student organizations to become more interconnected.

For me personally, I was able to meet a lot of local families and all of their adorable kids through my volunteer work with Art Brigades, making alien visors in the kids’ section of the fair. We volunteer weekly with kids in downtown Baltimore, but it isn’t the same type of interaction. Throughout the week, our organization supplements the arts and crafts part of students’ after school programs. Here, we get to meet their parents, and make art without a schedule or time restraints. Not only is this a much more relaxed setting, but Spring Fair is the one point in the year in which Hopkins students come into contact with others that live in Baltimore at such a grand scale. This increased interaction and connection with the rest of the city is important in creating a better college experience and learning. It is always better to be on a campus that is grounded within the city it is located in, and students that are grounded within a larger context, with people that are not exactly like them.

Also, despite the great variety of activities that I listed out earlier, the best part of Spring Fair is the way in which it brings students together. It is a weekend that everyone clears their calendars for, and it’s a weekend in which we all collectively make time for each other. It is the easiest time of the year to make group plans, that none of your friends will cancel on or have to skip out on. It was great to be able to catch up with everyone nearing the end of a long spring semester, and for all of us to get a chance to relax, laugh, and catch our breath. It is definitely what I needed before heading into the end of the semester and the beginning of finals.