Hopkins holds the number 2 spot on the list of colleges with the best food, and we have a variety of on-campus dining options: the Fresh Food Cafe, Nolan’s, Market at Levering, Bamboo Cafe, CharMar, etc. In addition, we students enjoy some great off-campus eating, some that’s just a couple of footsteps away from the Beach. The block of St. Paul Street between 32nd and 33rd has some of the most convenient “off-campus” eats. This is an all-inclusive guide.

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  • Subway. This past summer, I worked next to a Subway, my lunch break staple, so I don’t go to Subway as often as a lot of Hopkins students. What’s great about it though, is that it’s open 24/7, (I have run into JHU_JackieC on multiple occasions at Subway after 2am), it’s affordable, and they take Dining Dollars. Sometimes, it’s 3 in the morning, you’re craving a “sub” (hoagie, if you’re from the Greatest Greater Philadelphia area), and you don’t want to pay more than $5. This, my friends, is why Subway will always have a place in my heart.    
  • UniMini. You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen the video. You’ve wondered why it’s abbreviated “UniMini” when there’s no “mini” in its real name, “University Market”. But it’s extremely difficult to articulate to a non-Hopkins student why UniMini is such an integral part of the Hopkins experience. All I can say is, to whoever my SOHOP prospective student is, we will be going to UniMini, and I will be buying you a special with hash. But really, this deli/convenience store has almost every unhealthy, processed, packaged food your little clogged heart could desire. My friends and I have gotten ingredients to create a two layer brownie-cake separated by a spread of Nutella and crushed Oreos – all from UniMini. It’s open 24/7 but beware – the deli does eventually close at some point in the early morning. I found this out the hard way.
  • Cold Stone Creamery. I’ll be honest, I’ve only been to the Cold Stone on St. Paul once, and it was after our first SAAB meeting! Regardless, the ability to mix extras into your ice cream is Cold Stone’s main selling factor. There’s some other great (arguably better) ice cream options pretty close to campus: Dominion, located even closer to campus (we have our own flavor – Blue Jay Batter!), and the Charmery, located in Hampden. Or if you’re cheap like me, you’ll wait until the first Sunday of the month when the HOP gives out free ice cream.
  • Pizza Studio. Newly opened, Pizza Studio has some of the friendliest workers I’ve ever encountered at any food establishment. Never have I ever met a person so excited to list out the different “artisan crusts” that I can choose for my pizza, which is actually called a “masterpiece” at Pizza Studio. This place is basically like Chipotle; you choose your crust, cheese, sauce, toppings, seasonings, etc. They bake it in minutes and even serve your “masterpiece” to you!

Photo credit: Michelle Yang


  • Potbelly. Next down the block is Potbelly, a chain sandwich shop. Good food, great service, and the walls inside are covered in cool, vintage decorations from Hopkins and Baltimore history. I’ve even seen people do studying inside, and I’ll admit it’s a bit of a nicer place than Subway if you really want a sandwich but also want to hang out for a bit and maybe even get some work done.
  • Starbucks. With plenty of on-campus study and coffee locations, I’ve only been to this Starbucks once, but whenever I pass by, it always is a very popular place to grab a pick-me-up, read, study, or relax with friends. Definitely seems like a more common place for upperclassmen with off-campus housing to congregate, so I might be seeing some more of this Starbucks in my future.
  • Chipotle. And at the end of the block is Chipotle, possibly the most popular place for undergrads to grab a bite to eat on St. Paul. Some tips I’ve learned over the years to get the biggest bang for your buck: ask for half and half of different proteins because they usually overestimate and try to go at the end of the day when they’re trying to get rid of their food. But unpopular opinion: I think Chipotle is pretty good, but maybe slightly overrated. I could never betray my go-to burrito spot back home, El Diablo. Good thing is, there’s plenty of options on this block of St. Paul Street, and even more further down the street and all throughout Charles Village.

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