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Pen or pencil? Notebook or binder? Backpack or tote? Organization, though seemingly constricting and mundane, is actually one of the best ways to display one’s creativity. There are so many different methods of organization to choose from. Since elementary school, I have always been the person who color-coded my notebooks to cater to specific subjects (always green for science, red for math, etc.) For me, this wasn’t a method of organization (although it did help), but a way of expressing my creativity in a domain of mathematical formulas and five-paragraph essays. I like to spend time organizing my notes because it allows me to exert some creative control over my work. Although my organizational methods have changed over the years, one thing that has remained has been my planner. I have carried a planner with me since elementary school, and it is the one essential item to my organizational routine. So, here is a short video detailing how I stay organized. Hope you enjoy!

Music: Bastille – Good Grief (Official Instrumental)

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