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Stephen Chen '15

Name Stephen Chen

Class Year 2015

Major B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science

Hometown Fairbanks, AK

Current Industry and Occupation Software, Software Developer at Epic Systems

Current Location Madison, WI

Internships & Pre-Professional Experience at JHU I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I definitely branched out quite a bit. In the summers during my time at Hopkins, I assisted with research at the Center of Nanomedicine at the JHMI, interned for Barrick at a gold mine, and served as a camp counselor for at-risk and youth at Outdoor Odyssey.

Campus Involvement At Hopkins, I was a member of the Hopkins Emergency Response Organization, an RA for the Office of Residential Life, and a member of the Men’s Ultimate team for two years. Additionally, I participated BME Design Team for two years and I am still helping out for the team that I was a part of during Senior year.

Favorite Hopkins Memory My favorite Hopkins memory was definitely graduation. It was a wonderful, bittersweet, fulfilling experience. There was something beautiful about coming together as a class, one last time, to reminsce about all the bad memories, all the good memories, and to finally receive that degree (it’s a huge one!). There was an incredible sense of accomplishment. And to enjoy that with lifelong friends, who had shared in the struggles and the joys brought about from the past four years, will be a memory that I will always keep with me.

What do you miss most about being a Hopkins student? I miss my classmates the most. I’ve met so many people who have changed the way I view the world and changed my personal ideals about the kind of person I want to be. But the good thing, is that with modern technology, we’ll be able to catch up. And I look forward to continuing to live vicariously through their stories and adventures.

Knowing what you know now, what would you want to tell your pre-college self? I would tell my pre-college self to get to know my classmates better from the start. Looking back, I feel like I learned just as much in class as I did from those who sat in those classes, who I shared dinners and late night cram sessions and adventures and laughter with.

How do you feel Hopkins prepared you for where you are now? In my opinion, most people who have graduated from Hopkins as undergrads, feel well equipped to tackle “the real world”. It comes from our undergrad experiences which, for the lack of a better word, was pretty darn difficult. Erring on the side of hyperbole, I honestly feel comfortable at work, slogging through the occasional, seemingly impossible task, because I’ve spent four years trying to do so.

How did going to school in Baltimore affect your college experience? Baltimore was the first truly urban place that I have ever lived in. It is a quirky city that really broadened my perspectives toward social issues. It was wonderful (when I had “free time”) to explore the city, eat at some amazing food trucks/restaurants, and soak up the culture (although don’t do that by jumping into the Inner Harbor!).

Who was your favorite professor/what was your favorite class and why? Dr. Jason Eisner teaches both one of my favorite classes and also one of the most difficult classes I have ever taken. The professor is incredibly smart and charismatic. His exams are an affair that lasts hours, complete with snacks that he brings for us to nibble on as we attempt to solve the cunningly difficult questions (with emphasis on “attempted”). It’s a class where you learn a tremendous amount, but yet, opens your eyes and makes you realize that you are still a novice in the subject matter. A perfect class for Hopkins to offer.