My last few weeks were filled with flyers, meet and greets, and social media spamming. What does that mean? I ran for the Student Government Association (SGA). I’m not going to lie, it was a promo tweet away from insane. Yet, it has been one of the most fulfilling and exciting experiences so far in my time at Hopkins. So here’s how it works:

Step 1: Get your act together.

I decided to run in a group, since it allowed us more resources and was a great opportunity to prove our teamwork under the same ideals. Those friends were Hansel Romero for President, and Heidi Woll, Abby Annear and me for Class Senators.  We call ourselves HAHA. It’s flawless, we know.


HAHA makes your day better.

Step 2: Petition

To run for SGA, you need to collect signatures from your fellow classmates to guarantee their collective support towards you running for a position. That meant completely putting myself outside of my comfort zone by going up to complete strangers and introducing myself. It allowed me to meet a lot of my classmates and start spreading my name and ideas. No matter what the outcome of the elections, this part of the process was very rewarding and the most fulfilling.


Candidate Sarah Zapone going bananas over getting all her petition signatures

Candidate Sarah Zapone going bananas over getting all her petition signatures

Step 3: Photo Shoot

Now that you’re an actual candidate, you need amazing promo pictures to back that up.

Alberto "Pepe" Muniz for Senate. Yes? Yes.

Alberto “Pepe” Muniz for Senate. Yes? Yes.

Step 4: Hashtag

You’re gonna be spamming social media. #HashtagsHelp

#MakeItHappen #WithAHashtag #CauseTheyPerf

#MakeItHappen #WithAHashtag #CauseTheyPerf

Step 5: Campaigning

Flyers. Videos. Meet and Greets. Free food. Facebook posts. More flyers. Tweets. Banners. More flyers.

In other words, hectic. With more than 30 candidates running for a total of 7 positions, campaigning was intense, exciting, and nerve-wracking. We created a Facebook page. We cooked and handed out vegan pancakes. We made a video. We exposed all of our ideas and concerns and allowed our classmates to decide if they agreed.

I’m not going to lie, it was not easy. It was a lot of hard work under pressure. However, it was also very fun. We got to hear our classmates’ concerns, interact with most of our class, and take great photos in the process.


Step 6: Wait for the email.

After all the stress and hard work, the many tweets and smiling photos, the laughs and stress tears, all you can do is wait for the email with election results.

I can honestly say that finding out I got elected for SGA was very surprising and exciting. It’s a huge honor and I think every incoming student should consider if Student Government is right for them!