To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

Meet the literature lovers behind the student organization

Our members at last year’s first general body meeting, playing Kahoot for a chance to win a copy of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s newest poetry book! 

Who are we?

We are an organization for English majors, minors, and humanities students of all disciplines to get together and discuss literature (i.e. books, movies, and poems) in a non-academic setting. We also operate as a networking organization to help students navigate career opportunities in the humanities.

What do we do?

We allow students to fully immerse themselves in the humanities and explore all of the opportunities available to them. Not only do we have fun events (like our most recent general body meeting where students competed in Kahoot on literary trivia to win a copy of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s newest poetry collection!), we also provide students with the opportunity to explore the humanities through networking events and trips to local libraries and museums.

Some of our most popular events include our humanities research event, where we get students to discuss their research outside of STEM, and our scavenger hunt at the George Peabody Library. We try to meet at least twice a month – not including our Reading Series (very similar to a book club), which happens biweekly.

Hear from our Members

“I think the English Club is a place for me to connect with other humanities students and other people who share my passion for literature. It makes reading fun and relaxing and I realize the value of collective reading through participating in the English Club.”
–Yiyang X. ’22, Philosophy and Mathematics

“English Club is a great place to get to talk about books with other students outside of a traditional classroom setting. I love being able to get to explore authors and works that may not be touched on in my classes and also be part of a group that encourages me to find time to read for pleasure!”
–Frankie K. ’22, Writing Seminars and English

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