-Health Leads-

The first of a series of student organization spotlights intended to shed light on the extracurricular activities of Hopkins students.


What is Health Leads?

Health Leads is a student-led nonprofit organization that works with low-income individuals of the Baltimore community who require access to community resources, such as housing, food, health, insurance, etc. Our mission as an organization is to bridge the gap in the health care system by addressing the social determinants of health by connecting patients to community-based resources.

How does it work?

Primary Care Providers refer patients to Health Leads via an electronic medical record (EMR) system or drop off a screening tool at the Health Leads Desk. Advocates are then assigned 8-10 clients to follow-up with throughout the semester, either in-person or via phone or email. We use an Electronic Health Record, Health Leads Reach™, to screen, communicate with clients, and research resources in the community.

Typical Day at Shift:

12:30 – Take the JHMI to the Johns Hopkins Hospital

12:50 – Arrive at the Hospital and walk to the Harriet Lane Clinic (located in the David M. Rubenstein Child Health Building)

1:00-4:00 – Follow-up calls with clients, Resource Audit (make sure our database of resources is up-to-date!), in-room intakes, and resource research!

Student Thoughts:

“I have learned so much through my involvement with this organization. Not only have I come to know about the social issues people face in the city, but I’ve also come to learn about the various organizations in Baltimore that work to address them. I’ve also become familiar with applying for government benefits and health insurance, know when certain food pantries are open, and the different childcare or job training programs available to families. Due to the nature of our follow-up, I’ve also become a lot more comfortable making cold calls and communicating with doctors in the clinic. Health Leads has also encouraged me to be creative and think of alternative solutions. Most importantly, I have come to build relationships with these families and it’s been an amazing experience to see how my job as a Health Leads Advocate has helped me to impact their lives by addressing all aspects of their health.”

-Health Leads Advocate