Upon stumbling on a website that my friend concocted in his own spare time, I was inspired to do something of the like. Not necessarily programming a website from scratch per se, but creating a mental version of the similar content of the website. What he created was a daily log of gratitude for each day. He claimed that he “[plans] to continue this until the last day of [his] life because today could very well be.” So today begins my first.


Especially in an area where we are forced to climb the ladders of the academic hierarchy through blood and sweat, its all too easy to become blind to what we are actually provided with and surround ourselves with. We simply “don’t have time” to attend to certain aspects of our lives, that in actuality are constituent of the elements of the beings we are and have become. Granted, gratitude must not be mistaken with blissful ignorance of actual problems. Within our vicinity, there are, indeed, a lot of problems that can and should be addressed. However, we first need to acknowledge what has brought us thus far and embrace the shortcomings for their merit.


With that being said, I am thankful for the people who have walked into my life ever since Hopkins happened (to mention a few: my mentor back in Seoul, my researcher here at Hopkins, my boyfriend, my roommates, and the random strangers I meet on the street). My mentor, for always giving me the courage to be vulnerable; my researcher, for challenging and enlightening me with ideas that my country has been battling for centuries; my boyfriend, for inadvertently reminding me the importance of art and instilling within me, unbeknownst to him, the passion to pursue art; my roommates, for taking up the responsibility to stitch back the tears and wears of me; and the strangers I meet in passing, for making Baltimore not a distant, “out of the bubble” society, but a raw, real, and intimate community in which now I am a part of.