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The snow has barely melted here in Baltimore, but I have already packed away my winter jacket and transitioned from hot to iced coffee every morning. My first fall at Hopkins everyone told me that springtime at Hopkins was an unparalleled experience, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. This year my friends and I have all been in eager anticipation for warm days lying on the Beach, Spring Fair, and Homecoming. Yes, I am looking forward to the coming warmth, but today I am thinking about the summer.

Throwback to Homecoming last spring!

Throwback to Homecoming last spring!

Today I officially decided to stay in Baltimore and work full time at the lab I currently do research in! I love spending as much time at research as possible, so I am looking forward to this position. Too often than not I have to leave immunohistochemistry stains unfinished, or I don’t have time to mount all of the brains. I am excited to be able to spend a significant amount of time developing new experiments and projects!

My lab bench is never this clean...

My lab bench is never this clean…

In addition, almost all of my friends have also decided to stay in Baltimore. My best friend Julia will also be working in her lab and we will begin our lease in the Carlton apartment. The Carlton is a small apartment building on North Charles Street, right across from the tennis courts on campus. Not only is the location ideal, the apartment has a spacious floor plan complete with a balcony.

Last summer Julia and I also stayed in Baltimore to take two semesters of Organic Chemistry. Although we did carve out some time to explore new restaurants, this summer I am excited to have more free time to explore the city. In particular, every summer there is an amazing citywide festival called Artscape. Food trucks assemble, artists put on amazing outdoor galleries, and streets are closed off.

(Briefly) Enjoying Artscape

(Briefly) Enjoying Artscape

Another summer in Baltimore also means many more day trips to D.C, beautiful evening walks at the inner harbor, and fresh produce at the farmers market! I can’t wait.

Can't wait for another summer with this one

Can’t wait for another summer with this one

Farmer's Market Tomatoes simply cannot be beat

Farmer’s Market Tomatoes simply cannot be beat

Two summers ago I was nervous about leaving for college. I had no idea what I wanted to major in and absolutely no idea where my life was heading. I cannot believe how much has changed!