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Hello world!

In about two weeks, I will finally finish my summer physics course at Miami University-Oxford Ohio. Did I enjoy motion, Newton’s Laws, Maxwell’s Laws, or electromagnetism? Yes and no.

The first semester of physics was surprisingly interesting. The experiments were engaging and on a macroscopic level. The second semester has been bland. I’m trying really hard to pay attention and stay on course.

Did I make friends in class? Maybe? (Definitely not for life, hahaha).

During the first semester of physics, there were very few people in my class (approximately 10 people). I felt a bit like an outcast as I do not actually go to Miami for a good amount of the time. But eventually,  I became friends with my table partner: Connor. We didn’t really hang out much outside of class. But, we got together at the end and studied for the final. Do we keep in touch still? No. 🙁

Currently in the second semester, my class size doubled. I made friends with Donqi. Donqi was actually in my class last semester but we didn’t really talk much during that time. But, this semester we have been put at the same table for four weeks (which is actually really weird… possible explanation…. the computer generator might have been off?). He doesn’t really talk to me outside of our table. His best friend is in the class as well, and they are constantly hanging out. But,  I’ll be assigned new people to sit with tomorrow. I’m kinda excited? Maybe I could find some friends to study for the final with? I don’t know for right now but we will see.

I’m in this limbo phase where I don’t actually know what I am doing. And it does not help that Oxford, Ohio is in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, there is nothing but cornfields here. You would think it would help me write and think….but it just makes me sleepy and tired.

The only things I am looking forward to are: 1. The END OF PHYSICS  2. My week-long trip to Paris with my older sister Sara.

Also, it is extremely scary that Hopkins is only ONE MONTH away. I’m kind of nervous to go back because there is so much to get done between now and the start of the semester.

That’s it for now!

Sending good vibes,