Summer in New York City is infamous.

It is notorious, famous, fabled, storied, and legen—wait for it—dary.


I felt that this was appropriate.

To be honest, the main reason for that is the heat. By August, you can crack an egg on any street and fry it from the steam emanating from the sidewalks. Still, summer in New York is something to be savored. A population of 8.5 million people finally retire their black on black on black clothing (I am guilty and proud) and anyone who can afford to go on vacation in a place that is less humid does. The New Yorkers that are left brave the humidity and find solace under the shade of the trees in Central Park or heavily air conditioned museums and movie theaters.

So here I am. Along with another 8.5 million people (just replace the vacationers with tourists who decide August is a good idea to visit Times Square), I am spending my summer in the city. Unfortunately for me, there will be no afternoon naps in the shade and my museum trips will probably be limited. My original plan was to spend about a month at the beginning of the summer working on Johns Hopkins’s med campus down in Baltimore. A kind of inconvenient series of events and a less than ideal financial situation forced me to turn down the opportunity, and I found myself largely without a plan. As I pulled my last garbage bag out of my dorm room and returned my room key, I was frightened by the vastness of this three month summer that I had to fill with something.


I had time for one quick adventure — even in New York, finding a store that literally specializes in skulls and strange animal knick-knacks is just weird though. (Evolution, SoHo, New York)

That was when I got an e-mail from my old boss asking if I could come back to work for the summer. At the end of May, that kind of opportunity is almost unheard of, so I snagged it. The job is mostly data entry, but it’s super convenient for my mom because we work in the same building. It’s nowhere close to my major or what I want to be doing in summers to come, but I get guaranteed work five days a week in an air conditioned office building, so I only complain sometimes — it’s in my nature.


Plus my job keeps me out of nature, where the killer bees are lurking. (I was sincerely confounded by this store.)

Since my days are pretty much set and I’m generally too tired to go on any great adventures after work, my summer will be largely uneventful, but not entirely! Exactly one week from tomorrow, I will be taking a ten day trip to Israel as a part of Birthright, thanks to some awesome people at Hopkins Hillel and the Taglit Birthright program. It will be the first time I’ve been out of the country (unless you count Canada or the Caribbean) and all I’ve bought for the trip is a hat. Needless to say, this week will probably be a little hectic, but it’s definitely giving me something to look forward to, and soon!

I’ll also finally be learning how to drive (fingers crossed I pass my road test the first time) and hopefully volunteering with various critters at my local pet store. All in all, it’ll be a pretty low key summer. After this spring semester, it is much needed, but I’m sure I’ll already be packing up on August 1 because it’s only been five full days since I left campus and I miss it. College is fun, and I definitely know why people say it will be the best four years of your life.


Tried to be inconspicuous while taking this, but actually just took a horrible picture.


True fact: The flamingo was therapeutic during finals.