For some reason, this particular week has gone by incredibly fast. Maybe its from a general lack of sleep (though self, not school inflicted), or a general lack of homework or exams as the semester winds to a close. This is week 11, and even though it feels like I moved in yesterday, in reality, I’ll be moving out in just over a month.

My first year at Hopkins has been fantastic, and has given me the friends and confidence to get me through three more years! Though I could reminisce about the past year for hours, I’ll spare you the details and instead look to the future, because we have some pretty exciting stuff coming up! In the immediate future, the only major academic obstacles standing in my way are a Spanish project, my final expos essay, and two finals. And after all that, we are on to the summer!

The weather in Baltimore has been absolutely amazing lately. I feel like all of a sudden, we went from snowstorms to 80 degree days, and I’m loving it. People spend the afternoons on the beach, the trees are getting their color back, and there is just a general happiness around campus. This makes me even more excited for warm weather and summer. I’ll be staying in Baltimore to take Organic Chemistry 1 and 2, and I’m pretty excited! I know it’ll be extremely challenging, but I’ve always liked chemistry so I’m hoping I’ll be able to handle it. I’ll also be putting in some hours at my lab at the medical campus, and will be working on finalizing plans for my Woodrow Wilson project.

Beyond academics, I’ll be swimming every day to get ready for our season next year, and am hoping to fit a few hours a week in to volunteer at the Hopkins Hospital. It’ll be pretty busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, and I know that Orgo comes first, and that if I need to I can back off some of my extracurriculars. Above all, what I’m most excited for is simply living in Baltimore during the summer. A big group of my friends is staying for Orgo, and we’ll be subletting a house together. I know that we’ll all be able to support each other academically which is greatly needed when embarking on a whirlwind of chemistry like Orgo! I’ll let you know how it goes.