It’s time for the annual Super Bowl post. I wrote a post last year with a couple of disclaimers, but I forgot to mention a couple of things. So here are three facts you should know about me:

  1. I love football. It’s my favorite sport and when I watch games I’m the one yelling at the TV.
  2. I have two favorite teams: the Broncos and the Rams (the Rams are just an STL hope…maybe they’ll make it big again), but I also tend to support separate players rather than teams which gets me in trouble with my friends for being a band-wagoner (which I don’t deny because I guess its true in some situations)
  3. I have been raised to hate the Patriots and the Steelers via some good ol’ fashioned brainwashing. So no matter who either of the above are playing, I will root for the other team.


So naturally, as proven by point 3, I was rooting for the Seahawks to win this year, and naturally, I was angry/sad/frustrated that they didn’t rush the ball why did you make that call COME ON, when they didn’t.


obligatory pic of tv ft. khaleesi in the back



Oh hey Maddie 🙂

But of course, I couldn’t have felt or expressed all of these emotions without my wonderful friends! So thank you to my friends for hosting a viewing party and dealing with my excitement pre, during, and post game. Thank you for not judging me when I screamed choice words at the top of my lungs at the players or the referees. Thank you for dealing with my irrational hatred of the Patriots but keeping me grounded by arguing with me and proving me wrong when I said that the Pats didn’t deserve another win. Because lets be real, they are a great team with a great coach and they work hard to be where they are….but that doesn’t mean I’ll support them anytime soon. Thanks for favorite-ing or re-tweeting my tweets that I thought were super funny (yo follow me @girija725 I tweet really well). Thanks for laughing and or crying at the commercials with me, and for being completely engrossed by Katy Perry’s sharks/palm trees/lion/sad balls with me. Oh, and also for getting super excited when Missy Elliott appeared. Thank you for being the best second family I could ever ask for, it wouldn’t feel like home without you.



I had to take a pic of this because Kurt Warner is STL’s bae <3