I am writing this blog post two hours before it’s due. Not because I’m a procrastinator (in fact, I pride myself on getting things done way ahead of time), but because I’ve caught the Freshman Plague.

Hey, it happens to us all. As the weather cools down, someone you know is bound to get sick. Maybe it’s your roommate, your best friend, or the guy that sits next to you in Calc I. What matters is that the Freshman Plague will inevitably catch up to you.

But don’t panic, dear reader! Here are some tips and tricks for a speedy recovery.


  1. Don’t hesitate to go to the Student Health and Wellness Center (also known as HellWell). I was pretty sure the Plague wouldn’t kill me, but it eased my mind to get a professional opinion.
  2. Trust yourself! Without my mom around, I had a hard time deciding whether I should miss class. I ended up taking a day off, and I’m glad I did.
  3. Sleep! Life at Hop is busy, between academics and the numerous events that happen on campus. Giving myself time to rest helped tremendously.
  4. Ask your friends for help. Everyone around me understood what I was going through. One of my friends even brought me takeout from the FFC, so that I wouldn’t have to get out of bed to grab myself dinner.
  5. Know that you can handle this. The Freshman Plague is just your run-of-the-mill cold! You’ve survived it before, and you’ll survive it again.