Well, would you look at that? It’s already October, midterms are in full swing, there’s enough rain falling to cure California of its drought, and it’s cold…well, for me at least. I’m from Texas, so temperatures lower than 700 degrees don’t really agree with me. Anyways, it’s that time of the year where the summer sun is dying out and fall foliage is beginning to appear. In other, more relatable terms: winter is coming. Of course, what does that mean for campus? There’s already a blog post on midterms, so instead I’m going to take this opportunity to point out some of the other things that you’ll observe on campus when the fall weather hits.

  • Figuring out where people are from becomes easier.

People from cold areas are generally still wearing shorts and a thin sweater; meanwhile people from hot areas (like me) are covered in 3 layers of everything from head to toe and somehow still manage to catch the freshman plague (it’s a shame that winter is my favorite season).

  • People living in the AMRs don’t complain anymore

The AMRs (except AMR III) are the only freshman housing dorms that don’t have A/C. That sucked at the beginning of the year. Now, not so much. It’s finally cold enough that having no air conditioning is a good thing. Just the other day it was chilly and rainy outside, and as soon as the familiar heat wave of AMR I hit me, I felt like I was in heaven. Now’s the time that everyone wants to be in the AMRs. Then again, I’m from Texas, so maybe for people used to this weather the AMRs aren’t so enticing.

  • Rain, rain, and more rain 

So to preface this, the campus and rain don’t go together very well. Just ask my shoes. And my socks. And my jeans. As you’ll learn, the campus does a lot of things really well, like keeping everyone safe, maintaining the greenery, keeping everything clean, and just being amazing in general. As for handling rain? Not so much. Streams of water and puddles in the middle of the walkways are a norm. The rain gives the campus a cool vibe though.

This rain is probably because of you, Joaquin

Just a thought but this rain is probably because of Joaquin

  • Classes get intense

I know this has already been touched on in other posts, but I feel like I wouldn’t be doing this post justice if I weren’t to mention it. Classes really do begin to speed up around this time. You’ll notice that there’s an influx of people in the Brody Learning Commons (simply known as “Brody”) now. But have no fear, midterms aren’t that bad. Devoting a few days or a weekend to studying for a midterm will definitely get you through it alright. On top of that, Brody is an awesome, vibrant place to be in.

Okay guys, that’s all I’ve got for this post. In all honesty, fall at Hopkins so far is pretty great. Especially coming from a place that has hot weather almost all year round, the cold is a welcome change. Now if you’ll excuse me, I should get back to studying for my Calc midterm. Bye!