The signs have been up since…forever. Everyone who I’d talked to said it was the thing I couldn’t miss if I was staying in Baltimore over the summer: Artscape.


The festival started on UB’s campus and extended into MICA’s campus and around those streets!

So my levels of excitement for Artscape were initially elevated by the fact that the name was a pun (I absolutely want to escape into art with you, Charm City! wait that is the pun, right? Otherwise this is really embarrassing), but were further justified when I heard everyone talk about it.  I’m not in any terms an expert on art, in fact, I don’t even think I can consider myself an actual beginner on art, but I love it. I love looking at artwork, whether it’s famously old or new, or whether it’s my neighbor’s shy and secret hobby turning everyday items into things of beauty.


View from top of Ferris Wheel ft. Artscape sign

So naturally, I bugged my friends about it starting at the very beginning of the summer. I essentially chanted over and over again about the importance of this art festival, and probably annoyed them with my healthy obsession with it…but whatever, because this weekend, Artscape was finally here! And I wasn’t let down.

The preparations started in the middle of the week, as N. Charles and adjacent streets where the festival would be taking place, were closed off to traffic…which caused a little bit ( a LOT BIT) of a traffic jam in the rest of the city, but it’s all good. Though I don’t think I’m ever going to forget the guy who jumped out of the JHMI shuttle I was riding to run to Penn Station, weaving in and out of cars in the standstill traffic, so he wouldn’t miss his train…I really hope he made it. Tents started going up, the Ferris Wheel was set up at Penn Station, and then it was Friday and the festival had begun.


Turtle made completely out of plastic shopping bags!

I honestly didn’t expect the festival to be as big as it was. There were rows and rows of tents with unique and different styles of art, whether it was painting, photography, paper prints, art from recycled materials, handmade jewelry, glass art, you name it. I was in awe of all the creativity and desperately wished I had a house so I could buy some of the pieces and display them proudly.  My favorite stalls were hands down the artist that made clocks out of recycled and pressed glass bottles, and the artist that made beautiful pencil sketches on canvas.  However, the stalls weren’t the only art.  There were sculptures on the streets, musicians showing off their talents, and even some Aerial Dancers! To top it off, there was an entire street of just food stands, which was deliciously wonderful.  All in all, I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it if you’re ever in Baltimore for the summer. I know for sure that I will be going again.


Beautiful pencil sketch


Sculptures carved into books LOVED THEM WANT THEM ALL



Yummy food


Top of ferris wheel view of Baltimore ft. my lovely friend Samantha

p.s. Sorry for the obscene amount of pics at the end…there are more but because of horrible formatting I won’t upload them all

p.p.s. Sorry for the Blog title, the song was stuck in my head