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Hello world!

It’s been a while since I have posted; a lot has happened since then! Winter break was a great time to catch up with friends from back home and relax stress-free. I decided to come back early for Intersession. For Intersession, you have the option of taking 1-3 week classes, depending on what you’re interested in or what times work out.

I am currently taking two classes: Health Literacy in the Digital Age and Cancer Related Health Behaviors and Disparities. The thing about Intersession classes are that they are free and pass/fail! Each class is about 3 hours, but from what I can tell, most teachers put in discussions and activities throughout this time to keep us engaged. Most classes are relatively small ranging form about 20-50 people.   

Next semester, I’m taking Introduction to Public Health, so I thought that these classes would be a great introduction. This class meets three times a week, and we learn about health and ehealth literacy. We’ve been learning guidelines and creating social media posts to better practice how to present health information to the public as simple as possible!

This class focuses mainly on cancer etiology and behaviors that can prevent and cause cancer. We started out by learning the basic biological mechanisms of cancer, and we looked at statistics about a variety of aspects of cancer, like the highest cause of cancer or the most common types of cancer. We also focused on behaviors like smoking and physical activity and talked about how these behaviors affect cancer and disparities found within these topics.

These classes only take up a short period of time, so there’s a lot to do in the mean time! Because these classes assign a relatively low amount of work, it’s great to meet up with your friends before the semester starts. I got to go to a lot of new places in the neighborhood and explore with my friends! I recommend that you check out Inner Harbor or Towson!