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Name: Teno Boone

Class Year: 2013

Hometown: Baltimore

Major: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Current Job Title: Scientist/Engineer

Current Employer: Procter & Gamble

Tell us a little about the path from graduation to your current job/career: 

My path started with research in a JHU Lab that led to a Research & Development Internship that led into a full-time position with Procter & Gamble

Any internships/pre-professional experiences at JHU?

Lab Research, Non-Profit Internship, Corporate Internship

In what ways did your Hopkins education prepare you for your career?

Definitely prepared me for the workload and the ability to manage multiple priorities and deadlines. Also the ability to solve problems and a technical curiosity.

Any classes, faculty members, or involvements at JHU that helped to shape your career interest? How did they do so?

All leadership positions held prepared me to be able to lead groups of people and to work in teams to get work done. Also gave me experience in working through conflicts.

Favorite Hopkins memory:

First date with my now Fiance.

What about being a Hopkins student do you miss the most?

I miss the ability to explore different fields and the diversity of intellectually challenging activities. At Hopkins I could leave my Thermodynamics class and then go to my philosophy class, then have to study for an accounting midterm. It can be hard as a professional to fully satisfy a diverse set of interests.

How did going to school in Baltimore affect your college experience and opportunities for pre-professional experiences?

Going to school in Baltimore was something that I didn’t fully appreciate until I was gone. Baltimore is an amazing city with so much to offer in terms of activities, culture, & professional opportunities. I only scratched the surface when I was at Hopkins.