Terms Only Hopkins Students Use


What I noticed, especially after talking to my high school friends over winter break, is that each college has its own terms – slang if you will – understood only by its students. At Hopkins we use words, abbreviations, and acronyms to describe places, areas, and things on and around campus. If you’re unfamiliar with Hopkins terminology you will undoubtedly find the following list helpful, but if you’re already a Blue Jay who uses these terms in conversation I’m sure you’ll still be surprised by the extent of our “Hopkins vocabulary”!

1. FFC

I’ve mentioned the FFC many times in my blogs, but for my infrequent readers FFC stands for Fresh Food Cafe. As a freshman, the FFC is your main dining hall. It features buffet style dining with various different food stations including a salad bar and an international food bar. If you have an unlimited meal plan (I do and would recommend this to all freshmen), you can swipe into the FFC as many times a day as you want. On most days, I eat three meals at the FFC – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, the FFC is open all day so I’ve been known to swipe in just to grab a banana if I’m running late for my morning class or to grab a glass of milk before heading to bed.


2. CharMar

CharMar is an abbreviation for Charles Street Market. It’s conveniently located on campus on North Charles Street right across from the Hopkins sign. I find that freshman who live in Wolman, McCoy, and Hopkins Inn frequent CharMar a lot more than those live in the AMRs (like me). CharMar is essentially a grocery store for Hopkins students. Here you can find food from sushi to crepes and other day-to-day items from spiral notebooks to toothpaste. The best part is that CharMar is most often open past midnight. This is great for people like me who stay up late into the night.


3. UniMini

UniMini is an abbreviation for University Mini Market. It is a locally-owned convenience store right off of campus on St. Paul Street. It is open 24/7 and sells anything you could imagine. In fact, it is cheaper than CharMar so a lot of people tend to frequent UniMini more than they do CharMar. The highlight of UniMini is its grill which is open daily until 3AM. The food on their menu is endless. My personal favorite is their mozzarella sticks (or as we call them “mozz sticks”).

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 3.55.07 PM

4. JCash

JCash refers to a type of Johns-Hopkins “currency”. Even though it may seem exclusive to purchases made only on campus, local business can choose to accept JCash. JCash is accepted at all locations on campus, but is also accepted at Subway, Chipotle, Barnes and Noble and UniMini on St. Paul Street. I find that JCash is very convenient because I can use it to buy textbooks, access printers, and pay for laundry machines. Also, my parents can deposit money into my card when they see that I’m running low on JCash!


I hope that you found this list helpful. If there is anything that you think I left out feel free to leave a comment letting me know!