On Monday, September 22nd, at 9:00am, I had one of my three Applied Chem exams of the semester. And on Monday, September 22nd, at 8:55am, I woke up.

I guess I swatted my alarm off in my sleep or something. But I woke up from my roommate’s alarm for his 10am class. And I had 5 minutes to get to Bloomberg. The sprint there wasn’t exactly fun; I was disoriented and unkempt, barreling across campus. But I thought I’d recreate and unspool my mess for your entertainment.


At exactly 8:55, Ajay’s alarm goes off, and I bolt up. It takes a few seconds to process the time and put things together. Mondays.


I jump out of my bed, pat down my hair, grab a calculator, fumble for a pencil, shove my J-Card in my pocket, put my shower slippers on backwards, and stumble out the door.


IMG_4434I reach the end of the stairs (I’m on the third floor so yes good perfect) and barge through the exit into the AMR II courtyard. This place is the best. When it’s nice out, sometimes we sit with our laptops on the park benches in the shade. It’s so quaint and social at the same time, and it’s one of the many perks of living in the AMR’s. Not now though.



IMG_4413I push through the turnstiles, officially leaving the AMR II complex. It’s hard to not stop and stare at the freshman quad in the morning. Between frisbees and clubs and puppies, there’s always something going on here. Fun fact: The freshman quad does not require an Instagram filter ever.




IMG_4414After leaving the AMRs, I take a right and run along the length of the freshman quad towards the Undergraduate Teaching Labs. On my right, I pass the FFC. They have an orange squeezer in the mornings, which is an incredible reward if you’re willing to wake up in time for it before class (suffice to say, I’ve had it once and its beauty still haunts me). Breakfast would be nice right now, but I’m on a mission and stuff.




IMG_4415I’ve now made it to the Undergraduate Teaching Labs (the UTL). Bloomberg, where my exam is, is down a long path that starts here. I took these pictures on a Sunday, but this walkway is usually pretty alive. Aside from its functionality, the pathway is a scenic wonderland. On the left, you can see the new teaching labs, which are entirely glass from this side. Not only can you see every lab from the outside, but the glass also floods the labs with natural light. On the right is this neat gazebo area with some weird rabbit sculptures. It’s idyllic as heck.



IMG_4422Home stretch. Looming ahead behind all the trees is the Bloomberg Center. It’s pretty far out of the way, but I love this building so much. It’s the hub of all things space and astronomy on campus, as well as most of our physics. Doesn’t hurt that it’s so close to the building where the Hubble Space Telescope is controlled I guess.



IMG_4425Almost there! Here’s Bloomberg up close. Don’t let the bricks fool you, though. The inside is nothing like this.





I HAVE A MINUTE. Here’s a glimpse inside Bloomberg right as we enter. As I was saying, the brick facade gets traded in for a very minimalist, bauhaus style. I think it looks pretty cool. Technically, I go straight for the elevator at the end of this hallway, but if you head a couple steps to your left first, you see the telescope. And you need to see the telescope.



This elevator needs to hurry up. But in the meantime, here’s a lecture series I can look at while I wait for the doors to open. Thoughtful.



Panting and disheveled, I make it.


I have since made my alarm louder.