So I’m one of those few lucky people who have no class one day of the week. For me, it’s Thursdays, which is actually perfect in my opinion. Problem sets are due on Friday, so I get the entire Thursday to work on it, catch up on other assignments and get started on others.

Well, ideally.

I always tell myself on Wednesday nights, “I’m going to wake up early, and get started on my work, maybe go to the gym, do laundry and run other errands”. These past couple of Thursdays, though, this hasn’t been the case. I’ve woken up at 10, gotten out of bed by 11, usually make it out of the door of AMR II by 12, and by that time, some people are already done class. Today, however, was a different story.

I woke up at around 9 this morning because my laptop fell off my bed (it’s okay, don’t worry). It’s actually a pretty good way to wake up and get your day started – I might do it more often. I was up, in the shower, played my morning pump up jam (currently: Pay No Mind – Madeon feat. Passion Pit) and headed over to the FFC to grab a quick breakfast.


People hate on this fruit/cottage cheese/toast combo but I’m really feeling it right now.

I ate it en route to the library to work on my “pset” (problem set) due tomorrow (I stole that jargon from the MIT admissions blog… no one calls them that here). I plopped down at a desk on M level and got to work. I planned accordingly for my hunger and smuggled some fruit out from the FFC for a study boost…

FullSizeRender (1)

then I got distracted and watched the end of the Gloria Steinem’s talk from yesterday because I had to leave early from it.

FullSizeRender (2)

After some more studying and distractions, I went to grab lunch from the FFC and ran into my friend Bobby (hey Bobby, I know you’re reading this). Topics of discussion: House of Cards, the Kappa date party, and sophomore housing. Tip: don’t go to the FFC at 2pm – there’s like no food.

Needing a change of scenery, I scored a seat in the Brody Reading Room to study a little for my exam in Introduction to Computing tomorrow. I got confused a little bit, but perfect timing – it was time for the SAAB meeting! Today, we talked about our new apply website, where my face is basically immortalized with the university, ways to make Hopkins-Interactive better, and previewed our “Welcome Class of 2019” video.

Afterwards, I made a quick stop to (big surprise) the FFC (you have to reap the benefits of the unlimited meal plan) and ate with some guys from my pledge class before attending an anti-hazing session (update: I’m pledging Beta Theta Pi).

And now I’m here, sitting in Brody, going over practice exams, confusing my commands, and contemplating making the trip up to the Cafe. Overall, I’d say today was pretty productive – I promise that sometimes I do more than just eat and study. I really enjoy having these Thursdays off because I get a little bit more freedom in my schedule, and a short break from classes. Last semester, I basically had the same schedule every day, which could kind of get a little monotonous.

Today was one of the first really productive Thursdays I’ve had. And with midterms upon us, these next two weeks will be some of the busiest, most stressful times for us. Spring break is close, but the flowers aren’t blooming and kids aren’t playing outside. There’s still snow on the ground and instead, we’re hibernating in Brody. Alongside academics, extracurricular activities are in full swing – my very first HOP event I planned is happening tomorrow, JHU Wind Ensemble is back in session to prep for our spring performance, we’re getting some more clients at work, and I’ve begun the pledging process for Beta. I’m going to need these productive Thursdays now, more than ever. Hopefully, I’ll accidentally kick my laptop off my bed more often.