’Tis the season to be thankful! This Thanksgiving, here are some of the little things I’m thankful for about Hopkins.

  • The Mudd Atrium. It’s a good study spot with lots of natural light, it’s pretty quiet on the weekends, and it’s not far from my dorm.

The Mudd Atrium; a view of large windows, rocking chairs, and plush red armchairs


  • The FFC waffle makers. Breakfast ends at 9 on weekdays, but waffles are always an option!
  • Bamboo Cafe. Located in the Mattin Center, Bamboo is a convenient place to grab a meal after class.

A bowl from Bamboo Cafe


  • The Gilman Atrium. Another good study spot, right next to Alkimia.                                                   The wall facing the Gilman Atrium, with windows into classrooms and offices
  • Alkimia. A coffeeshop in Gilman, between the Atrium and the Hut. Hands down, they serve the best coffee on campus.