You might not expect this from a Johns Hopkins student, but I do in fact have free time. The nerd that I am, a lot of this free time is still spent learning about things—but watching a YouTube video is certainly less stressful than a differential equations problem set! I thought in this blog I would outline some of my favorite YouTube channels.

As one would probably imagine from a repository that holds millions upon millions of hours of video content, it can be pretty easy to get distracted and watch old television shows or comedy or the seemingly-endless amount of vlogs for an entire afternoon. But there’s also an extremely rich section of education content. In the years that I’ve been a daily YouTube watcher, I’ve gradually increased to 53 subscriptions. Here are some of the highlights; channels I can wholeheartedly endorse for their educational content.

General Science


Other Generally Informative Channels

(as one can probably tell, I just might be a physics/mathematics major)

Getting weekly videos from many of these channels has helped augment my interest in physics and mathematics tremendously. In fact, when I first discovered that I had a passion for physics, it was many of these channels that helped curate it.

And when you finally get to the point where you’re covering material in classes that you’ve previously seen a few videos on, having that cursory knowledge of the subject already helps immensely.