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All you incoming freshman are probably trying to figure out what you need to get for your dorm, figuring out the clothes to buy for Baltimore weather, and overall planning the start of your college career. Given, those things are necessary, but there are also a few other things that you’re going to want in order to make it through the weeks here. Needless to say, they may not seem too important right now, but trust me, they make life so much better.

Spotify: First off, students get a discount so a Spotify premium account only costs $4.99 a month. Sure, it’s not as grand as Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning an Oscar, but it’s still pretty great. More to the point though, Spotify is just ridiculously useful to have. It’s the kind of thing that seems pointless before you get it, but once you do, there’s no turning back.


Irrelevant but necessary

Netflix: This list wouldn’t really be complete if Netflix weren’t mentioned. It’s every college student’s best friend. It’s where you turn when you have a midterm in 12 hours and decide to have a panic attack. It’s where you turn after you bomb said midterm and need to avoid another panic attack. Finally, it’s where you turn when you want nothing more than to chill (no pun intended) in your room and binge watch an entire season (or 9) of How I Met Your Mother.


Amazon Prime for Students: This actually comes in more useful than you’d think. Better yet, being a college student gets you a free 6-month trial of Amazon Prime (yes, that does mean free 2-day shipping on everything). Need materials for a project to get here quick? Amazon Prime. Want to send a friend a gift? Amazon Prime. Have some extra cash to spend? Amazon Prime. Need to take a step back and reevaluate your finances? Amazon Prime. Went broke buying all this cool stuff on Amazon Prime? Amazon Prime.

I may have a bit of a problem…


A Microwave: Oh yeah, there’s actually some practical advice on this list too. Right so I didn’t get a microwave until second semester. That was a mistake. Again, a microwave is the kind of thing that seems trivial at first, but once you get one, it’s a whole new world. You can make Hot Pockets in your dorm. In. Your. Dorm.

Are there other uses for a microwave? Yes. Are they better than Hot Pockets in your dorm? Nope.

You've made it this far, here's an exploding microwave.

You’ve made it this far, here’s an exploding microwave.

Mini-Fridge: Alright, if you choose not to get anything else on this list, definitely get the mini-fridge. Why? It’s simple: you’re going to be keeping snacks in your dorm. Snacks mean drinks. Drinks are better when cold. Fridges cool things.

I rest my case.