Spring is finally (!!!) upon us here at Hopkins! With the warm weather comes the ability to get a tan while you study for Orgo. Here’s the best places to take advantage of the warm, fresh air.

7. The Beach

Before you argue with me about this, I do recognize that the Beach is great fun. It is perfect for Ultimate Frisbee, having a concert (like when we had We the Kings during Hoptoberfest!), and sunbathing – but studying? No way. There are no chairs, so you have to sit hunched over on the ground to accomplish anything. I love you, the Beach, but don’t ask me to study on your beautiful, wide open space.


Look at these people. Not getting any work done. Better soak up the sun instead.

6. Freshman Quad

The Freshman Quad is…alright. Upsides: often, there are chairs here, and it’s an expansive place. Downsides: far away from everything that isn’t the AMRs (especially for upperclassmen), can get loud with music coming from the dorms and the FFC. If you live in the AMRs and need some fresh air for your European history studying, the Freshman Quad will do you just fine.


5. Shriver Quad

Shriver is a reliable spot on which to get something done here at Homewood. Sometimes there aren’t any chairs, and sometimes you find yourself in the middle of construction or a kickball game, but you pretty regularly can work here in a quiet area. Plus, it’s very close to some of the farther-away buildings like Hodson or Shaffer.



4. President’s Garden

Right next to our very own President Ron Daniels’ place of residence is the President’s Garden. The garden is in a hidden little spot by the Greenhouses at the back on campus, but still very easy to find from Gilman Hall. It is a quiet and underrated gem of this campus. Though there’s no chairs back here, you can go Canterbury Tales-style and indulge your intellectual hunger in the grass of this little meadow-like nook.



3. Brody/MSE Terrace

A great option for any studying need! Chairs and tables with umbrellas make this a comfy spot whether cloudy or sunny. More tables and chairs would be great to seat more people, but the vicinity to the library and ~amazing~ Brody Cafe (the Daily Grind) make this a solid space to socialize and study alike.


2. Latrobe Terrace

UNDERRATED! UNDERRATED! The terrace of Latrobe hall is the perfect intersection of a quiet back-corner of campus with tons of seating and table space. You feel like you can accomplish something here because of how comfortable you are while studying. Latrobe is almost the best spot to study on campus, except for…

1. Gilman Quad

Like I’ve written earlier, Gilman Hall is bae. Almost better than the hall itself is the quad, where there are dozens of chairs to study alone or in a group. Typically no one is obnoxious or loud, and you will often find people practicing their tightrope-walking skills or bringing their dogs on campus for some exercise. Not only is there the ability to accomplish a lot in this space, but you feel incredibly integrated with the hubbub of school life. It’s quintessential Hopkins, and my favorite spot.