Last I heard there were 391 neuroscience majors on campus. 391. That’s a lot. And one could easily say we’re a group of 391 very proud people. Did I say 391 enough times?

Seriously though, I don’t think I’ve met one neuroscience student who isn’t excited to be in the major or doesn’t openly admit their dorky love for the brain. As much as we’re thrilled to be in our department, our department is just as excited to have us. Between our amazing professors, informative weekly updates, and department events, there lies a special gem: the Dunning Conference room.


Our department <3

Dunning Hall houses the Behavioral Biology and Neuroscience departments as well as being home to faculty offices and laboratories. But when you climb up (or ride up, depending on how energetic you are feeling) to the 4th floor and you turn the corner, you’ll find the real treasure.


the conference room! ft. seniors Alejandro Chara and Melaku Arega

The conference room is a study space designed for Neuro and Behavioral Bio students. In addition to being clean and comfortable, it is full of food. Yep, you heard me: full of food. Snacks, chocolate, Easy Mac, sometimes leftovers from meetings, and I can’t forget the drinks. A fridge full of soda, juice and a coffee maker is enough to curb spending at Brody Café (although, nothing can beat the café’s Dirty Chai). If there is a seminar or class meeting in the room, there’s extra food brought in. If you’re running late and couldn’t pick up breakfast or lunch—Dunning to the rescue. Moral of the story? Food is happiness, and the department wants to make sure that we have plenty.

On any given day, as long as the schedule is clear, you’ll find students here at all hours. It’s a great place to collaborate on schoolwork or take a quick Netflix break with a bite to eat. It took me a while to find the joy of the conference room, but I can it has become a resource I greatly appreciate. This semester you can catch JHU_Aneek and I in Dunning on Monday and Wednesday afternoons after Prob/Stat, chatting and snacking away.


it’s JHU_Aneek with juice boxes we found today

I’d love to say that Neuroscience is the best, but I know that across campus the various departments are making sure their students are happy and healthy. And that’s one of the best parts about being a student at Hopkins—our faculty and staff truly care.