I got my weekly email this morning from Dr. Gorman, and in the first few lines she reminded us to stay focused but to also stay present, because this part of the semester is a blur. She’s 100% right—spring semester post-spring break is what I like to call the final push.


look how tan we are! tbh not ready for spring break to be over

I think I’ve been calling it that since high school; after all, there’s a pattern to the last couple months of the year. There’s the initial scramble to finish work that didn’t get done over break, the second slew of midterms, a calm routine for a few weeks, and then before we know it, finals and done. This year, it’s the final final push. As most things related to senior year, this realization fills me with a mixture of feelings. First and foremost: glee. I’m a second-semester senior!! Four years of hard work and I can justify my lack of motivation (maybe), and spend excessive amounts of time watching the Food Network and goofing off with friends. On the other hand, it’s bittersweet. My time at Hopkins has taught me more than I can articulate, and I’m going to miss it a lot.


yeah I watched the sunrise on the beach…cliche but so beautiful

But, there’s a slight catch. What no one tells you about second semester senior year, is that the push is real. Among the confused emotions, things are actually busy, and it’s not just about class. Sure, there’s a midterm or a project sprinkled here and there, but there’s also final job interviews, signing contracts, planning move-outs and move-ins, apartment hunting in new cities, and it goes on and on. It’s a scramble to make sure everything is in place before we walk across that stage on May 24th. Everything actually is a blur, and for me, it takes a conscious effort to slow down and remember to enjoy my last 2 months on campus. It’s a good thing that in between my to-do list Springtime holds a lot of fun activities. Spring Fair and Homecoming are fast approaching, but before that there’s the campus celebration of Holi, home tennis matches (stay tuned for the embarrassing sign I make for my roommate, Anna), the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC, and countless street fairs/festivals around Baltimore. And I can’t forget the simpler things: catching a movie with friends, appreciating Baltimore’s food scene (oh how I will miss thee)—both old favorites and new discoveries—and some good-ol’ fashioned laying on the couch to binge-watch TV with my roommates (our newest obsession? Big Little Lies).

So here’s to a full schedule, but an enjoyable one. And to slowing down the blur just a little bit.