To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

Christmas has come and gone, and we all have the leftovers, Instas, and gift receipts to prove it.



Now before we let the holiday spirit wane, I’d like to offer up a slightly belated gift to the new class of 2020 (CONGRATS, KIDDOS!!). It’s the only freshman fifteen you’ll ever want to receive: a Hopkins pre-frosh Wish List. Don’t leave home without packing these fifteen unsung essentials:

  1. Rain boots: You think you don’t need them. You are wrong. Baltimore weather is unpredictable at best, and wet socks are the actual worst. Take it from a girl who had to wring hers out in the Hodson bathroom after a surprise Thursday monsoon.
  2. An extra set of sheets: Because you will get melted chocolate on your bed, and you won’t want to do laundry at midnight on a Wednesday.
  3. A bathrobe: In the dead of winter, that short walk back from the communal showers can feel like a hike over frozen tundra. I owe my lack of freshman frostbite to some fluffy, white terrycloth.
  4. As many headphones as you can carry: Losing a pair of beloved headphones is a somber fact of life. Lessen the tragedy by having more than a few spares. Never deny yourself the simple pleasure of jamming to TSwift on the way to class.
  5. An HDMI cable: There will come a time when you and your friends will want to hook a laptop up to a TV. Save the day.
  6. Makeup wipes: Again, the bathroom is often too far to justify a late-night face wash. Keep a pack by your bed, and make your life much easier.
  7. Chapstick: If you have a Burt’s Bees addiction like yours truly, then you already know that a pair of chapped lips can greatly interfere with your studies. Plant them all over your dorm room—and in any and all pencil cases—to maximize productivity.
  8. A window fan: It takes up no space, pushes warm air literally out of the window, and protects you from the springtime threat of bees. Everybody wins!
  9. A bag that isn’t your backpack: Whether it’s for rehearsal, practice, or just walking around Spring Fair in a dress without pockets, you’ll need something more than the L.L. Bean.
  10. Space-saving hangers: Buy the velvety kind in bulk from Walmart, and get the most out of your admittedly-limited closet space.
  11. A big, microwaveable mug: You’d be surprised by all of the yummy things you can “cook” with a mug, microwave, and several Charmar ingredients.
  12. Under-the-bed bins: My go-to storage strategy since 1995.
  13. Slippers: Warm, comfy protection from whatever gross things end up on your hallway floor.
  14. A reusable water bottle: Good for you, and good for the planet. Plus, the filling-stations in all of the freshman dorms have the coldest, best-tasting water on campus. Take advantage while you can!
  15. Earplugs: For when your roommate doesn’t seem to hear her fifteen alarms.

Happy Holidays, class of 2020! You can thank me later.