The first two days of the semester were snow days. And it was amazing.

Because here we were with absolutely no assignments that we could “probably get started on” and no clue what our classes would be about, suddenly graced with two free days to just chill with people you haven’t seen for a month.

And, regardless of how old you are, what do you do on a snow day? On a snow day you build a fort.

So my suitemates and I dug through our closets for extra sheets, tunneled under our beds to find any large surface or good support structures, cleared out our living room, removed every pillow we could find, took out our handy dandy macaroni-pattern duct tape, and began the construction.

The entrance, right in front of the door into our suite, was a sliding couch cushion sealing off a sheet-draped foyer of sorts. Unwelcome guests would be showered with rolls of toilet paper strategically stockpiled in the fort’s antechamber.


The entrance, if you managed to get in, opened up into a larger room that then opened up into a corridor. We lined the walls with every flashlight we could find (2) to give it just enough light to move around.


The corridor led to the main area of the fort. The suite living room became a massive round room covered by sheets and posters and the wall of our couch.


the main living quarters from the outside

And from the inside…










the main corridor with the lights on

the main corridor with the lights on

Anyways, we ended up spending like an hour inside trying to decide which card game we wanted to play, never decided on a game, and then went to sleep in our beds. In the morning, the whole thing was flat on the ground.

But I mean it was fun to make.


i accidentally did flash