This morning, I woke up, and it was spring. There have been (far too) many false starts and stops to this most glorious of seasons, but I think today was the beginning of something truly magical.

A freshman-year throwback, in honor of Spring Fair starting TOMORROW

A freshman-year throwback, in honor of Spring Fair starting TOMORROW

And also truly terrifying. The gorgeous weather had me staring at the calendar in a way I haven’t in months. Where did the semester go?! I swear I was freezing my butt off in February just a couple of minutes ago. It was then that I realized I had been truly remiss when it comes to my blogging duties: I have gone almost the entire semester without talking about my classes.

As a spring-semester junior, my schedule is pretty freaking sweet. I’m firmly planted in the upper-levels of my Writing Sems and Marketing classes and consequently loving life. These are the courses I always dreamed about taking when I was a freshman, gazing longingly at the registration descriptions. Now that I’m here, I want to give my favorites all of the airtime they deserve.

Advanced Poetry Workshop

This time around, I’ve decided to save the best for first. Advanced Workshops are the highest a Writing Sems dares to go, the end result of years and years of training. I’m lucky enough to be working with Sir Andrew Motion (Yes, you read that right. Sir.) For those of you unfamiliar, this guy was casually the Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom from 1999 to 2009. Aka, he’s a veritable poetry genius, and I’m so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to soak up that genius every week. He’s issued some of the most compelling and challenging prompts I’ve tackled at Hopkins, and I’m confident I’ll finish out the semester with a final portfolio that’s submission-ready.

Intermediate Poetry: Poetic Forms II

Another Writing Sems favorite, this is the continuation of a course I took in the fall, Poetic Forms I. This semester, we read a book of new poetry every week, from Richard Wilbur to James Merrill, and identify their strategies to incorporate in our own poems. Greg Williamson is not to be missed, as evidenced by the amount of times he appears in the Acknowledgments of our required reading. As a big nerdy lover of rhyme and meter, this goes down as one of my favorite Hopkins courses.

Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications

This class is so unique and incredible that it’s going to get its own post at the end of the semester. But just know that the brand-spanking-new PR internship I’m sporting this summer is all thanks to this bad boy. The entire class formed a student-run agency with a real-life client (Baltimore-based app Full Society—check it out!), and as Co-Manager of the PR & Social Media department, I got hands-on experience dealing with media contacts and essentially figured out what I wanted to do in life. No big deal.

This will allll make sense later.

This will allll make sense later.

British Literature I

Some old favorites get a new coat of analytical paint in this class. The course delves deeply into the lives and works of four famous authors, and the connections my professor draws between these seemingly unconnected pieces are nothing short of incredible. Professor Daniel peels back the layers of the classics you thought you knew back in high school, and I’ve done some of my deepest, closest reading in the class. I’ll never look at Paradise Lost the same way again.