Decision release was one week ago for the class of 2020 and there isn’t a better time to be on the Hopkins campus than right now. The weather is starting the early spring seesawing typical of the east coast — the kind where it’s 50˚F one day and 75˚F the next. Chatter of new freshmen is rising in admissions, more people are pulling out their shorts and flip flops from the backs of their closets, and Brody terrace is covered with people sipping iced coffee, chatting, and doing light work with friends.


It’s that time of the year again, and all of these things combined can only mean one thing: Spring Fair and Homecoming. I feel like we need a name for this point of the school year. It’s not just the arrival of spring, but it’s the imminent feeling of fun and campus-wide celebration that comes with the month of April. I still have homework and exams, sure (five in the next two weeks, but who’s counting?) but there’s more fun ahead of us than there is behind us.


Spring Fair is April 15 through April 17 this year and I could not be more excited. Since the weather for last year’s Spring Fair made it seem more like Winter Fair, the early onset, unseasonably warm weather this year has me hoping for better this time around. Don’t get me wrong — last year was still tons of fun, but there’s so much more to do when the weather cooperates with the mood.


To give you the breakdown if you haven’t heard of it before, Spring Fair starts on Friday with activities including games, an open air market on Keyser Quad, and food (lots and lots of food). After class lets out, I fully plan on taking advantage of all of this by getting classic Spring Fair food, sitting on the Beach with my friends, and soaking up the sun to my heart’s delight. On Friday night, there’s a concert; this year it’s Chainsmokers, Shwayze, and Marion Hill, so I already have my ticket and I’m super excited to go. Saturday and Sunday is just more food, more sunshine, spring themed activities, and just getting to appreciate the simplicity of hanging out with my friends.


It’s hard to encapsulate exactly what Spring Fair is in a few sentences, but I can tell you that it’s one of the best times to be on campus. Plus, it’s open to the public, so if you’re in the Baltimore area, you should check it out to see for yourself. Obviously, it’s a completely different experience as a Hopkins student because for 3 days, you get to wake up to what’s basically a giant, campus-wide party. Amidst the last of spring midterms, projects, and extracurricular craziness, Spring Fair is an excellent reminder of why I love Hopkins so much.


There are a million reasons to love Hopkins, but this blog has been written with the express intent of detailing one incredible Hopkins experience that falls into a giant pile of answers to “Why Hopkins?”. I’m not just here for the fried oreos and the cool concerts, I’m here for a lifetime of friends and memories. The education is, of course, the reason to apply, and the reason to be proud once you’ve been admitted, but it’s the experiences that make Hopkins the place I call home. I’ll always be from New York, but my room is the one I share with my friends in Charles Commons, my friends are the ones I’ve made in Baltimore in the past two years, and it’s the collection of experiences that I’ve had that makes Hopkins and Baltimore my home. Spring Fair just happens to be one of a large collection of experiences that has contributed to the making of this home.