So the first week of school is officially over! And I should have written this blog when it was due in the summer… in July. But the deadline came, and I missed it. Aw well! But before the school year really kicks in and I have a million other things to write about, I might as well take a look back at the last 3 months and cherish them one last time.

IMG-3195 (2)

Teaching our goddaughter how to pose at the beach for instagram pictures…

1. The beach is definitely something I missed a lot. I remember when I toured the school for the first time one of the tour guides saying that you could sit on the front quad of the university, lay back, close your eyes, and pretend the sound of the cars going by on Charles Street were actually the sounds of waves. And even though the beach on campus is an amazing place to relax and socialize, it’s not like seeing the actual ocean. I was so lucky to have it so close during the summer. I had been missing the sand and the shells, the great tans, and even the seaweed. I definitely made the most out of it during my summer. But the MUCH more important part of this picture, is the girl in between me and my sister, Allyson. She’s our god daughter and she is literally the best baby I’ve ever met. She’s cute and she’s super smart, plus she loves to eat (just like me). She was born before Sam and I got out of school for summer break, but we definitely made up for that time. It was amazing to finally be able to see her, and just to see the beginning of someone’s life. I can’t wait for our next summers together!


Ryan and I outside the courthouse on our last day of the internship.

2. Through out the summer I also worked at an internship back home with the State Attorney’s Office. I did the internship with a great friend of mine and so everyday, even if I only closed cases or archived files, was an adventure. It was an amazing experience, one in which I could finally get a taste for what the legal field would be like. We were not confined to the jobs we started out with. As I progressed, I was given more difficult and more interesting tasks. By the end I was researching through case dockets and electronic files to find out important information for closing more difficult, complex cases and I was given more and more responsibility and recognition for the work I did. Also, we were allowed to go to the courthouse across the street to view cases whenever we wanted to. It was an internship that focused on giving us both practical work experience ourselves to build off on as well as further knowledge of the way our legal system works in real time. Seeing lawyers doing their jobs, on either side inspires me to keep trudging along through the next 6 years of school.

I also got a job that paid me too! I worked at J. Crew over the summer and that was definitely a big learning experience as well. It was my first retail job and it forced me to come out of my shell, be more social and less awkward, since that was part of the job description. It also taught about the importance of customer service and everything that goes into it. It was fast-paced and also forced me to think on my toes and make decisions quickly, since everything in retail is based on the customer’s time frame, which usually means rushing around and coming up with solutions for the customer’s dilemmas as quickly as possible. That hands-on learning will definitely help me now in my classes; most are discussion based and require you to make logical, coherent argument about something in the moment.


Meeting up with Ashlyn, who we’ve been friends with for 9 years, and her friend Rushvi, who we were able to meet over the summer!


Celebrating another friend’s birthday over the summer!

3. During the summer, I also made new friends while visiting old ones. We spent Fourth of July together, birthdays, and beach days (of course). It was great to see everyone again and finally get to catch up. Some friends I had barely seen over the course of the rest of the year, some not at all, so it was great to finally all get back together again! I’m so grateful that I got to see everyone again, who knows when the next time will be. We all have these crazy, different lives, but no matter what I will always cherish the memories we made this summer.


My dad and I, outside the Museum of Modern Art in Miami.


~immersing~ myself into a piece


4. Exploring was probably one of the best parts of my break. I was able to revisit a city I love and find something new. Miami has so many things to offer, from its own beach to a rapidly growing arts scene, amazing food and as many skyscrapers as any other big city. But I was only able to visit one of its newer additions, the Pérez Art Museum. It focused on Latin Art and Cuban works more than any other museum I’ve seen. Even though it had some pieces by classically recognized artists of the modern era, it mainly focused on new, upcoming artists and their visions, rather than getting stuck in the past. The museum also boasted amazing architecture, drawing inspiration from the old stilt-city houses of Biscayne Bay. It had amazing interactive sculptural pieces as well massive hanging gardens that definitely set it apart from the regular form of art museums.

So there was my summer blog. Two months late. However, I still wanted to post it to let people know that you can still go home for the summer and having the adventure and interning and new experiences. Don’t be afraid to reach back to your roots and your home. I think there is the misconception that it’ll hurt your chances or ruin your resume. You can have both the comforts of old friends and family as well as interesting things to do and see and learn from. It is definitely not impossible to have both.


all 3 generations of #lafamilia