Today, at 3pm, a couple hundred high schoolers around the world were accepted to Johns Hopkins as part of the Early Decision process. To those students: you’ll be bombarded with confetti and tshirts and stickers and Facebook posts for the rest of your near future as the date you set foot on campus next fall approaches. And you deserve that celebration: the admissions committee saw, in your application, that you in your entirety would fit snugly within and be able to carve out your niche into the brick-and-marble frenzy of Homewood campus. But as that initial jolt of excitement from your acceptance closes off, you’ll be faced with a new, more prolonged excitement to figure out for yourself what that place for you on campus next fall will be. And so after a few early rounds of sorting out the easy questions (what other departments are there that I wasn’t necessarily focused on before? What are my dorming options?), your Google searches will sharpen into increasingly esoteric questions as you grow a new obsession to know exactly what life is going to be like for you at Hopkins. Which dorms have the best game rooms? What will my favorite FFC meal be in the mornings? Which classes do I want to put first in my registration cart?


your new home

To that answer to that end, here are some random details about my life and times here at Hopkins that I’ve jotted down as they came to my head. The kind of list of details I would have devoured when I was a high school senior committed to this place. I won’t dilute some of the Hopkins jargon you’ll grow to understand and love.

  1. You won’t understand how you woke up at the time you do right now in high school. Ever.
  2. I study on C level of the MSE library when I’m reading notes for a test, the Brody Reading Room if I have reading to do for a class, my dual-monitor desk in my apartment if I need to write a paper (Word on my laptop, sources on the monitor), and A level of the MSE library if I just want to look over some stuff lightly.
  3. Orioles games are $7 for students and cost $2.50 worth of public transportation. You’ll spend more money on the pretzels when you get there.
  4. Bring a suit. You’ll need it out of the blue.
  5. I always carry two dry erase markers with me, because there’s nothing worse than walking into a whiteboard room in Brody to find a single dried up marker. Be that hero.
  6. My usual lunch is a 6″ wheat sub. Across the street from campus, it’s a no brainer
  7. Use ethernet when you register for courses at 7:00:02am in the morning once a semester.
  8. I work for Hopkins Creative Design, a full-service graphic design firm run by students on campus. You’ll find excuses to do what you love too.
  9. Freshman year I lived in Clark House, AMR II in a double. I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. Our house became like a family, and we’re still all really good friends. I live with 3 of them.
  10. My favorite coffee is from the Levering Lounge.
  11. There’s a room on the top floor of Dunning for neuro majors that’s loaded with limitless snacks.
  12. I get my hair cut at Old Bank Barbers, in Hampden.
  13. The Purple Route of the Circulator takes you all the way down to the Harbor. Use it.
  14. Try to get to Brody Cafe before 11 if you want a bagel before they run out.

Check out Hopkins Cribs on Youtube. Come to SOHOP. Be active on the Facebook group. Before you know it, you’ll have your own list of Hopkins things too. But, for now, just relax. Welcome home, Class of 2021!