Though it felt like I’ve been waiting for it to finally be Thanksgiving break, when it came time to leave, I felt rather unready, as always. I threw some (clean) clothes in my suitcase, shoved my dirty ones in its laundry bag, and grabbed my backpack off the ground without even thinking about what was living inside of it, until I got home and began to unpack:


A) This is my pseudo-fancy leather laptop case I got off of, who-would-have-thought, Amazon Prime. It’s been quite good to me, despite my laptop recently having some issues…

B) My laptop – my friend and my enemy. For some reason, my computer’s been doing this really cute thing where the screen will start to go whack and then just randomly shut off in the middle of using it. Sometimes, it likes to change things up, and just get really hot and not turn on and instead do three loud beeps while I sit at a table on C-level. Don’t you love when your computer does that? Luckily, I am getting my laptop sent out to be fixed over break. At least I have a cool retro Apple logo sticker. TLDR – get AppleCare.

C) My Differential Equations textbook I got off of the “Textbook Exchange” Facebook group, which is basically the Hopkins equivalent to the New York Stock Exchange. We have a problem set due after break, and a midterm right after, so I’m going to, unfortunately, be doing a little studying before I get to feast on turkey and endless carbs.

D) Three over-priced notebooks, courtesy of Barnes & Noble, for Biostatistics, Optimization, and Differential Equations.

E) A bunch of small things that you cannot see, so I enlarged them here:


1) MacBook charger with the extender, because access to outlets in the library is directly proportional to academic success.

2) iPhone charger, because even if you don’t need it, someone else is going to.

3) Chapstick and Altoids, to moisturize lips and freshen breath, respectively, if that was not already obvious.

4) An eraser that I stole from my friend Simi (thanks, Simi!), two Hopkins pens (thank you to the front desk of Mason Hall!) and two dry-erase markers (which are frighteningly similar in color scheme to my pens…) for use on Brody whiteboards.

5) My trusty Apple headphones, aka my most prized possession.

6) My clicker, so that I can answer questions wrong in lecture.

7) An external hard drive that my suite-mate Anand let me borrow, because of said computer problems.

And back to the bigger picture…

F) My planner, which I actually started using this year and I am proud to say I have not yet forgotten a deadline, assignment, or exam date. Thank you, Mr. Planner.

G) It’s kind of hard to see, but that’s my change-of-major slip. I am officially adding Public Health Studies as my secondary major, and all I need is a signature from the department head and then I’ll turn it in to the registrar and BOOM done I am a double major. Easy enough.

H) Engineering paper, because there’s something super satisfying about writing out problem sets on it.

I) This coffee mug, because first of all, it looks dope, and second of all, you get discounts on coffee all over campus when you use a reusable thermos.

J) This Nalgene, because 1 quart of water should offset the coffee at least a little. Tip: this narrow mouth opening will save you from spilling water on yourself 75% of the time.

K) My wallet, which I got from my sister when she went abroad to Thailand, my keys, so I can get inside my home, and sunglasses, so I don’t have to squint when I walk around campus.

Not included in this post: a whopping three whole pennies, some crumpled up gum wrappers, and a lot more of those Hopkins pens I’ve “collected” from the front desk of Mason.

Happy Thanksgiving!