Returning this fall to campus meant running into friends, acquaintances, and everyone in-between. As sophomores who have learned to avoid the standard “what is your major?” small talk question, the most popular one has become “where are you living?” The easy answer? Homewood! This year I am living in an efficiency in the Homewood Apartments, an on campus dorm on North Charles Street. IMG_2472

If you were to tell me six months ago I would be in love with my living situation, I wouldn’t have believed you. My entire friend group ended up with the worst lottery numbers. I thought for sure we would be scattered in all of the different sophomore dorms—our friend group would be shattered. In May when it was time to choose dorms it was general chaos in the AMR common room as we desperately tried to find a quad when my friend Olivia had a stroke of genius.

“Guys. There are so many available singles right next to each other.” At first we dismissed the idea. It would be crazy living alone! And it was in Homewood, the one sophomore dorm separated from the others. We kept searching for quads, mulling Olivia’s idea over. What were the cons? We would all have our own bathrooms, our own kitchens, and our own space, but we wouldn’t be lonely living right next door to each other. In fact, it would be just like freshman year—minus roommates. We decided to go for it, and the rest of our friends followed suit. Fast forward six months and we are now all neighbors, living in floors 4-6.

My apartment is spacious. I have two massive windows, a full fridge, a stove, and a pantry with so many shelves I don’t know how to fill them. I can go to bed whenever I want, shower at the weirdest times, and I could take a nap at literally any time of the day (if I were to nap). Here are some pictures of my awesome efficiency!

So it wasn’t the most conventional sophomore rooming situation, but I couldn’t be happier!IMG_2483