Okay so to start off I hope everyone sang that title. Secondly, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW CLASS OF 2018! We’re really excited for you guys to join us on campus next year, and we’ve had fun reading all of your posts in the Facebook group. Now that college decisions have come out, it’s your turn to make a decision…and it’s an important one. And not to mention scary. I can’t believe that it was a year ago that I was in your shoes trying to figure out what I wanted in a school. It’s a hard process and my number one piece of advice is to visit everywhere you’re considering, and then to take time to yourself to decide if you can see yourself going there. It’s great to have the input of friends, family, counselors, etc., but most importantly, you yourself should feel comfortable and happy with your decision. I know hands down that I made the right decision coming to Hopkins. There are so many things I love about this place and I thought I’d list a couple of my favorite things that proved to me that Hopkins was the perfect fit.

1. The People. I am constantly in awe of the people I meet on campus. Whether it’s a student, professor, staff member, etc. Everyone on this campus is passionate, driven, and above all, different. Each person has come to this school with unique experiences, skillsets, ideas, and goals, but everyone is united in working together to accomplish these things and to celebrate those of others. I can safely tell you that I learn something new from every conversation I have with someone here, and I love that feeling. I know that I am surprised every day in class by my professors, either by hearing about their incredible life experiences or seeing how I finally understood a concept I never got before with their knowledge and teaching style. I can guarantee that the friends I’ve made and will make here, are for life. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to call my new family.

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Speaking of a challenge: not bingewatching House of Cards WHICH WAS FILMED ON OUR CAMPUS SO COOL. Also yeah I had Spanish subtitles on I’m a dork

2. The Challenge. Hopkins is hard, there’s no denying it. Professors are tough, homework can come in large quantities, and midterm weeks are never the best of times, but I still love it. So sometimes there is a lot of stress, but it’s only helping me grow. Plus, the environment is incredibly supportive. Collaboration is prioritized, whether it is working on a problem set, or group-studying for an exam. Everyone is here to help each other out and make sure that we all get through things together. And there’s nothing better than seeing yourself and your friends succeed after a long night of studying.


That one time Cornell West was speaking on campus but my friends and I saw him on the way to dinner and he excitedly took a picture with us.

3. The Opportunities. This may sound very college brochure-y, but it’s true. There are countless opportunities and experiences for students to have, from creating unique class schedules without core requirements, to studying abroad or going on a community service trip during Spring Break. And these opportunities are available for anyone. As a freshman, I’ve encountered amazing opportunities in extra-curriculars and just recently found a research opportunity for the summer and continuing on into my next years here. It’s exciting to see where your interests can take you on this campus.

4. Brody. I know you’re probably thinking: WOW NERD ALERT, who says that the library is one of their favorite things about school?? But guys, let me tell you how much I love Brody. The building is beautiful, open, and my favorite place to do work. It is also a student hub, so it’s a great place to see everyone, and one of the prime locations to see the collaboration I was talking about earlier. Students in the library are always willing to lend a hand, even if it’s for a complete stranger. Okay this is going to sound super nerdy, but it’s also a great place to see people having fun. We all need study breaks, and those that happen at the library are always memorable. I’m also going to quickly use this point to say that our campus is absolutely wonderful and all of the buildings are beautiful, which is a huge plus.

5. Baltimore. I’m from a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, so when I was applying for college I really wanted to be in a city. I love Baltimore. There is an abundance of culture, diversity, events, etc., and it 100% lives up to it’s name of Charm City. It’s also very easy to explore the city whether it’s through classes on campus or from using the easy and free transportation to leave campus. I’ve had a lot of fun this year and I can’t wait for the years to come.

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A perfect day at the Inner Harbor

Phew! This blog is long so I’ll stop the list there, but it isn’t even close to being complete. I’ve said it a million times, but I’ll say it again: I love it here, I can’t imagine being anywhere else, and I will tell you to come here in a heartbeat. But now back to you. You have a decision to make, but don’t feel rushed. Take your time, visit if you can, and maybe even make a list. But above all, do what feels right, because if you do, then you will definitely end up in the place that’s right for you.