Friends, I write this blog with the pitter-patter in my heart of excitement and nerves and more excitement about all of my upcoming shenanigans between now and the end of the year. Also, I’ve just downed a rather large mug of coffee, so there is quite literally a party in my stomach.

Upon my return to Homewood on Sunday, I whipped out my new mammoth of a 2015 planner and began filling out my schedule for as many days as I could manage. Anticipation grew with each new entry, and today, I’m here to share the joy. These are the upcoming highlights of ya girl’s 2015, straight from command central:

Polka dots make being organized FUN!

Polka dots make being organized slightly less tedious FUN!


My intersession class doesn’t actually start next week, but I came back a week early to reacquaint myself with the wealth of food, fun, and friends in B’More (cheesy alliteration for cheesy feels). I’ve spent the first three days semi-slothing around, visiting with my beloved buds, working out occasionally (holla 2k15 resolution #1) and prepping for Spring Semester. However, the last half of my week consists of delving deeper into the Baltimore food & arts circuit, what with my hours upon hours of freedom. I’m especially excited to visit old haunts such as this:

Happy-crying over/savoring the God-sent goodness of Dooby's

Happy-crying over/savoring the God-sent goodness of Dooby’s

and, of course, to make new discoveries, both food and arts-related, starting with today’s venture to Red Emma’s  ((HOW HAVE I NOT BEEN HERE YET?!?)

((photo c/o Baltimore Eats))

((photo c/o Baltimore Eats))


B’More: Baltimore in Fiction, Film, TV is my one and only Intersession class, and I could not be more excited about it. For four days next week, I and my fellow classmates will be spending all morning and afternoon learning about the “creative soul” of Baltimore. From reading works by the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Anne Tyler to watching episodes of The Wire, we’ll discuss the true roots of literature in Charm City, past and present.

Finally, we’ll be taking a literary walking tour of Mt. Vernon (my favorite B’More neighborhood !!), meeting with local writers/filmmakers, and taking all that we’ve learned to write our own Baltimore-inspired stories and scripts. With the start of Spring Semester a little over a week away, this B’More course will be the perfect way to ring in a new term full of interesting classes and activities. From 9:30am to 4:30pm January 20th-23rd, I’ll be fully immersed in the interstices of the Baltimore writers’ scene, and this Writing Sems major is really looking forward to it!

Majestic Mt. Vernon at twilight

Majestic Mt. Vernon at twilight


This is the part I’m the most excited about. From new courses to the spring musical, this girl will be fully occupied.

Language and Advertising (Tues/Thurs) is a goldmine of a course that covers both a Social and Natural Science credit for me. Because Hopkins has no core requirements, I can satisfy my science credits in whichever way I please, and this course hits the nail on the head for subject matter that interests me/that I’m actually capable of processing + credits that I’ll need to graduate.

Essentially, L&A combines linguistics tools (holla cog-science credit!!) with the various facets of advertising to analyze how those tools work on an audience. Such questions as “How do ads use central features of human cognition to accomplish their aims?” and “Do ads manipulate, and if so, how successfully?” will be discussed over the course of the semester, and advertisements of all mediums will be used for further analysis. With an impending marketing minor on my academic horizon, this class will be the perfect mixture of required credit and intellectual stimulation to make spring semester one for the books.

Early Modern Europe and the Wider World (Mon/Wed/Fri) will be my first real history class here at Hopkins, and the history nerd in me is quaking with anticipation for it as I read and re-read the course description. It covers all European interactions with Africa, the Americas, and Asia from 1400-1600 (the early modern period) with subsections ranging from the Renaissance to the Age of Revolutions. European history is easily my favorite type of history (sorry USA ur gr8 too), what with all the crazy “enlightened” despots and wars with names like “The Hundred Years War” and “The War of the Roses”. The time period we’ll be covering in this class will be full to the brim with new waves of art, intellectual thought and, of course, war, and I wouldn’t be surprised if HBO or ShowTime made some sort of raunchy series about it. Oh wait: they’ve made several. In any case, I cannot wait for this class to start: I’ve already purchased my 120-sheet notebook in preparation.

I’m taking several other classes of course, but these two are definitely the two highlights of my spring course schedule: let the academic adventures begin!

Last, but not least, there’s spring musical put on by the Barnstormers. It generally goes up in April or May I believe, and I’m anxious to take part in the only musical production JHU offers. For the show, the Barnstormers hire a professional director to lead the long rehearsals and put together a wonderful work of art.

Last year’s show was Carousel: JHU_Allison wrote a lovely little blog about here — a blog I read as a pre-frosh (CRAZINESS) and one that made me even more excited to just get here already and get involved in Hopkins theatre. This year’s show is Company, and the minute audition sign-ups are in full-swing, you can bet I’ll be nervously entering my name (auditions will never stop being clammy-handed-adrenaline-pumping ordeals for ya girl).

Sondheim can do no wrong

Sondheim can do no wrong

That’s all from polka-dot command central for now. With all of these scheduled shenanigans and plenty of unscheduled ones on the horizon, I’m more excited than ever for spring semester to begin. You might say it’s put a “spring” in my step!

Thanks for the pity-laugh.