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Featured image: The coffeeshop table where I wrote this blog post. The sticker on my laptop says “Because writing is revolutionary.”


i. It is easy to forget a city, it’s rhythms and it’s roads, and living in two places means leaving half of myself in each. There are routes in Los Angeles that I don’t remember, and I am always afraid of getting lost when I venture across the city, even to places that once felt familiar. I know I’ll feel the same confusion for my first few weeks in Baltimore, like I never quite know where I am. More importantly, I know that the feeling will pass.

ii. The way I miss Hopkins is complicated by the knowledge that as soon as I step foot on campus, I’ll be homesick for LA.

iii. Working a 9-to-5 job can be so draining, even if the individual tasks that make up the job feel manageable. There is nothing wrong with needing to fall facedown into bed after each and every workday.

iv. I don’t know how to slow down, and this trait has intensified due to the fast-paced environment at Hopkins. I need structure, goals, deadlines. The upside of this is that I’ve made a lot of progress on my personal creative projects — I’ve revised a graphic novel script, outlined a trilogy, drafted the first novel of said trilogy, read six books, and written three blog posts! I’ve done a lot this summer.

v. Summer can be lonely. My Hopkins friends are scattered all across the country, and my high school friends can’t relate to all of the formative experiences I’ve had over the past year. I’ll be reunited with my chosen family in ten days, and I couldn’t be more excited.