I love Christmas.

I keep certain festive tunes on my study playlists year round and see the entire month of November as merely a countdown calendar until it’s socially acceptable to deck the halls and integrate ugly Christmas sweaters into my wardrobe rotation.

While the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Winter Break are hectic, stressful, and filled with a seemingly endless string of schoolwork, they are also some of my favorite weeks of the year.

The ~seasonal cheer~ kicks off with the annual lighting of the quads, when the masses emerge from Brody and the library to watch President Daniels illuminate Gilman quad. There are also fireworks, hot chocolate, donuts, and free giveaways for each class.


a dark selfie from LOTQ, ft. friends and our cool free hats

Several departments also hold festive events, such as the BME Winter Social, which has a free catered (!!!!) dinner for both the students and faculty. There’s a photo booth and raffles, and one of the professors every year dresses up as Santa.


DT3 at Winter Social, in which I somehow appear tall?


just the DT3 juniors, just kidding on the height

After the BME social this year, my friend Becca and I grabbed our non-BME friend Sam to go see the Miracle on 34th Street, a block of houses in Hampden that goes all out every year for Christmas. Despite being stuffed full of pasta and pastries from the Winter Social, we still managed to find room for Hot Chocolate and ice cream from the Charmery, a Baltimore favorite no matter the season.


Are you ever too old for Santa? TBD.

Even though finals can kind of put a damper on this otherwise cheery time of year, people still seem to be able to find the time to fit some seasonal activities into their schedules between exams and papers, like my friend Cristina who spent a morning delivering cookies to her friends still in the library when she was done with finals.


It’s also not uncommon for friends/roommates/student groups to send out Christmas Cards, like this one my Design Team posted on Facebook


Jingle Bells/The aorta smells

And also this one my friends/ fellow BMEs/ lover of nerdy puns Katy and Becca and I took to showcase one of the best purchases we’ve ever made on the night before our SBE final.


Tachy sweaters >> Tacky sweaters

While finals are stressful and studying does occupy most of the day, there is always time to squeeze in a little spirit of the season and of course, more than one frivolous internet purchase.


like this wrapping paper with my face on it, which I bought while ~very focused~ on SBE