It has been officially one week since I received my bid to my sorority, Pi Beta Phi (ΠΒΦ), here at Hopkins, and what a week it has been! I’ve added probably one hundred new friends on Facebook and found dozens of newly recognizable faces on campus. It is wonderful to have someone wave you over to sit with them in a giant lecture class that you didn’t know one week before.


That’s me!

Fraternity and sorority life at Hopkins is smaller compared to most schools: we have just thirteen frats and five sororities (not counting the co-ed service, multicultural, and professional frats and sororities). Only three frats and none of the sororities have official houses on campus, yet over a quarter of undergrads here have membership in a Greek organization. It is a great balance of strong Greek participation by the students without it overbearing the social scene. In my close friend group, only my friend R and I decided to go through formal sorority recruitment, but we certainly don’t plan on leaving our other friends behind. R and I aren’t even in the same sorority (she is a ΦΜ) but we are still going to be close friends. I am most excited to simply know more people on campus. The Monday after I got my bid (formal invitation to join the sorority), one of the Vice Presidents of Pi Phi waved me over to sit with her in our giant Microeconomics lecture. Other sisters have asked me out to lunch and dinner to get to know me better (since I’ll soon be getting a Big!)


R and I on Bid Day!

A great part of Hopkins’ recruitment process is that it happens officially in January. This way, everyone has gotten their feet under them at school and can take the time to decide whether they want to go through recruitment. At my mom’s college, she had to arrive a week before everyone else in August before school even started to go through sorority recruitment. Spring recruitment is great because it allows girls that are on the fence about the process to go to informal meet-the-sister events and see if they actually would like to be a part of a Greek organization.


Pi Phi’s newest pledge class! Courtesy of Hopkins Photography Forum

I, however, knew that I wanted to be in a sorority since before I even applied to any colleges. Both of my parents were in Greek life (my mom is an ΑΓΔ and my dad is a ΤΚΕ) and they absolutely loved it, and their fraternity brothers and sorority sisters are still the people with which they correspond from their college days. Hopkins’ Greek Life may seem small to outsiders, but the flexibility one has within a Greek organization is partly what attracted me to this school. Every member goes to chapter meetings, formals, date parties (for which you can take a friend or date of any gender), and philanthropy events, but you can even get more involved in committees and the Executive Board of your chapter.



I hope to make ΠΒΦ a home for me for my entire life. I am excited to enter the professional world and have colleagues and acquaintances recognize my Greek organization. Pi Phi, and Greek organizations in general, have national recognition for their philanthropy and leadership, and I will be proud to wear my letters for the rest of my life.


The entire Pi Beta Phi chapter, courtesy of Hopkins Photo Forum