The phrase “I could never do what you do” is one that comes out of my mouth multiple times per week.

Usually, this is uttered in response to one of my friends talking about some academic assignment that sounds utterly heinous to me. Don’t get me wrong; I have a lot of academic interests, ranging from sociology to history and of course to my chosen BME major, but the mere thought of writing a paper longer than five pages or even a short story is enough to have me shaking in my boots. (Or more realistically, brown oxfords)


This seemed like a topical photograph to include here

This intersession, I registered for two classes. The first, called “The Art of Infrastructure” starts tomorrow, and the other, called “What is Happiness?” started last week.

I should point your attention, dear reader, toward the past-tense verb used at the beginning of that last paragraph. Yes, I registered for two classes, but I dropped one about five minutes ago, just before starting this blog.

Intersession is about ~Academic Exploration,~ so I registered for “What is Happiness” to see what a college-level philosophy class was all about, without having to commit to a whole semester if I didn’t end up liking it.

This ended up being a wise move on my part because, as you probably could have guessed by now, I ended up not enjoying the course. Don’t get me wrong; the topic was incredibly interesting. It was fascinating to read and discuss different theories of happiness, such as Hedonism and Stoicism, but I found myself spending a sizable amount of time on class readings and upon learning that the course would involve a paper, dreading the assignment.

Is philosophy cool? Definitely.
Is it something I could do for a major? Definitely not.

So I guess I’ll just add Philosophy to my list of Things That are Interesting But I Could Never Do as a Major™.


As close as I’ll likely ever get to philosophy again