To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

As I am entering my last semester of college, I took some time to reflect on the people that I have met at Hopkins, and a few stuck out to me:

(1) Your Soulmate Friend

This person will become your best friend, but so much more than that. They are your go-to for bubble tea runs, trips to the gym, and trying out that new cafe in Mt. Vernon. They will be your confidant, personal cheerleader, and the one you turn to in every situation. They make life fun and your friendship will last a lifetime.

(2) Baltimore’s Yelp

Want to try a new restaurant? In the mood for something different? This is your person. Give them a price range, food type, and time of day they will have no less than 3 recommendations to give you in 5 seconds. Flat.

(3) Instagram’s Aesthete

Their life is as fabulous IRL as it seems through the camera lens. This person is #3Fabulous5You and will help you with all the editing your life needs, whether its a photo or a decision in your day-to-day.

(4) The Counselor

Too wise for their years, this is the person that you go to when you need advice on literally anything. They are the person that you want an opinion from before you do anything from buying a dress to applying to graduate school.

(5) The Sour Patch Kid

First, they’re sassy, then they’re sweet. With this friend, you never know if you’re going to get a sassy remark, or the cuddliest of hugs, but it will always be exactly what the situation needs.

(6) The Next American Idol

Can you say talent? This person is involved in the arts and one of the most talented people you’ll know. They could totally win the next season of American Idol or the Voice, but instead they’re using their powers for good and probably studying something practical. Like Math.

(7) The Teddy Bear

This person can often found bringing snacks to the library when you’re stressed or offering warm hugs and a pat on the head after your hardest final. Get you at least one of these friends.

(8) The Adventure Buddy

Wanna try a new club? Wanna get taco bell at 2am? Want to just try something at least once? This is your person. They are always down to try something new and will support you in all of your ventures.

(9) The Dabber

Believe it or not, yes, this person is still dabbing. Usually after a comment that makes you look at the invisible camera like Jim from The Office. Even though you’ll make gross faces after they dab, this person is very important and you cannot get by without them.

(10) The Secret Fluff Ball

Goes to the gym every day. Watches basketball and football religiously. Love stuffed animals… Wait what? This secret fluff ball has their own little world going on in their head, but they will always make you smile.

(11) The Coffee Snob

You can probably find this person sitting in the Gilman atrium outside of Alkimia sipping on a cappuccino. But they don’t use the paper cups. Oh no, this is the person who is on a first name basis with the barista and gets the actual coffee cup reserved for Alkimia VIPs only. They will judge your caramel macchiato order, but will definitely share a scone with you.

You’ll meet lots of people at Hopkins, and they are all unique and equally as important and by the time you graduate will be your family. So go out and explore! Meet new people! Find your Blue Jay Fam!!


Peyton B. is a senior from Knoxville, TN studying international studies, psychology, and German.