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My name is JHU_Allison, and I’m a commitment-phobe.

(Hi, JHU_Allison.)

I know, I know. Judging by my blogging history, I (somewhat?) seem like I have myself together. I have diehard faith in my choice to be a Writing Sems major and have essentially sung the praises of our creative writing program since day one. I’m so committed to my extra-curricular activities that I barely have time to sleep (which may explain the already ramble-ish nature of this post). I met my current roommates during orientation weekend, for goodness’s sake. All in all, I’ve made some quality decisions in my time at Hopkins, and I’ve stuck with them.

Shamelessly plugging one of my favorite commitments.

Shamelessly plugging one of my favorite commitments.

There is only one exception: my minor. (Every protagonist needs a fatal flaw, right?) I’ll confess that I’ve gone through prospective minors faster than my middle-school self went through celebrity crushes. (Deciding between Nick and Joe Jonas = Sophie’s choice.) I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve downloaded the degree audit sheet for every Humanities/Social Sciences minor Hopkins has to offer, from Africana Studies (go, JHU_Kevin!) to Women, Gender, and Sexuality. I had brief flirtations with Anthropology, Psychology, and Film and Media Studies before registering for and promptly dropping a Linguistics course at the beginning of this semester. And anyone who has ever read one of my previous posts knows all too much about my passionate affair with an Italian major/minor, which fizzled out rather sadly when the summer ended.

But I’m over them – all of them! They were mere stepping-stones on my way to educational self-discovery (think Eat, Pray, Love), and figuring out what I really like and really don’t like will certainly serve me for the rest of my life. Safely on the other side of my minor commitment, I can fully appreciate the means by which I found my happy place.

This is it. The big reveal. We’re making it official.

I, JHU_Allison, have officially committed to the Marketing and Communications minor.

**general fanfare and merriment**

Okay, so it doesn’t exactly sound glamorous. And it probably doesn’t sound very familiar either. The Marketing and Communications minor, offered by the Center for Leadership Education, is brand-new and targeted toward students who have found an unexpected passion in the fantastic marketing classes Hopkins has to offer.

I am one of those students. This semester marked my foray into the magical world of business, as I impulse-registered for Principles of Marketing during the first week of classes. I was steadily growing interested in the Entrepreneurship and Management minor (our most popular minor!), but found myself definitely turned off by the Statistics and Financial Accounting requirements. Typical.

Still, I fell in love with the advertising and public relations aspects of marketing. They allowed me to exercise my creative muscles in new and exciting ways through daily examples of real-world problem-solving, and it was incredible to see the practical applications of my education. In the past couple of months, I’ve designed logos, developed social media marketing campaigns, chosen promotional strategies, and adjusted product prices. And, in a few weeks, my fabulous group and I will present the culmination of a semester’s worth of hard work: our marketing plan for a new Old Spice line for women.



Since I’m totally devoted to marketing, this new minor is perfect for me. Now I get to take classes catered specifically to my personal interests, and choosing between Social Media Marketing and New Product Development has once again tested my indecisiveness, but in the best way. And, maybe most of all, I’m really proud of Hopkins for responding to the academic needs of its students.

For the first time, there is not a doubt in my mind that I’ve made the right choice. I have absolute confidence in the Marketing and Communications minor. I think we’ll be very happy together.


You wish you were as cute as my marketing buddy.

You wish you were as cute as my marketing buddy.