Johns Hopkins University was founded as the nation’s first research university with a mission to teach and advance knowledge through hands-on discovery. Undergraduate research takes place in every discipline, and students are constantly creating their own research projects to answer questions that they’re passionate about.

We interviewed students at DREAMS 2017, an event allowing undergraduate students to showcase their research in engineering, arts and humanities, medicine, and the sciences.

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“For the past two years, I’ve been studying the different cells that are responsible for fighting secondary staph infections as opposed to the cells that fight primary.

–Bret Pinsker, Class of 2017


Ambrose Tang (Class of 2018), a junior studying Trumpet and Recording Arts at Peabody, created a 5-6 minute time lapse of Hong Kong that showcases different places and how they are all connected.

Watch a teaser of his work, The Pulse of Hong Kong, here!

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“We’ve known Parkinson’s Disease is a problem for a long time, but we didn’t know the pathway that causes it. We’ve just been treating the symptoms, so I’m looking for the cause of it.”

–Alexandra Luna, Class of 2018

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“I’m studying the process by which a site becomes a world heritage, and I did a case study of Babylon.”

–Helena Arose (left), Class of 2017

“I completed my senior honors thesis comparing stone inscriptions from the Iron Age of the Southern Levant.”

–Samantha Lindgren, Class of 2017



 “I’m from Kenya, and I used to watch a show on MTV Africa that was actually HIV intervention programming. For my research, I decided to evaluate different forms of media—tv, radio, and theater troups—and found that multimedia approaches were the best for HIV intervention.”

Michelle Kihara, Class of 2017