The past few weeks have been pretty cool. Not exactly in a temperature way (hey 80-degree weather forecasts; welcome back), but in a Vanessa-Bayer-playing-Miley-Cyrus-on-SNL kind of way.

In a rare occurrence for the end of a semester, my academic load has been relatively light, which of course has caused me to question whether I’ve forgotten about a major assignment but has also allowed me to enjoy these past few weeks more than any other time in my ~ Hopkins Experience~


friends! sports! ponchos!

Several weekends ago was Alumni Weekend, one of my favorite weekends of the year. The weekend kicked off with a performance from Second City Improv, followed by the tent party, and the lacrosse game on Saturday. On Saturday night, JHU_Molly and I, along with JHU_Ian and some other pals back for the weekend, attended the opening of an art installation curated by none other than the former JHU_Joseph. This may take the cake for the highlight of the weekend, as it was a night filled with nothing but laughter and Good Vibes™


good vibes!

The next weekend was Spring Fair, which you can read about ad nauseam all over this site, and despite acquiring the worst sunburn of my life (my arm is still peeling), I have nothing but positive memories. I did a whole lot of nothing that weekend but in the best way possible. I brunched, sat on the beach, ate a lot of pad thai, and really did nothing other hang out with friends. 10/10, would recommend.


This past week has involved a semi-spontaneous trip to roller skate with the Charm City Roller Girls, a trip to Annapolis, a trip to the movies in Harbor East, a game of bubble soccer in Patterson park (which brought about the death of my insulin pump), and a lot of viewings of Beyonce’s new visual album. Also I turned 21 yesterday, so that was cool too.


s/o to JHU_Grace for letting me borrow her car to get to this Diablo Cody-esque skating arena in the middle of nowhere


my friend Becca, post bubble soccer


all you really need is a nice charcuterie board

So what am I trying to get at here?

The goal of this post was not to give you FOMO (or whatever the kids are calling it these days) but rather to show the validity of one of my long-standing beliefs.

There’s more to college than school.

I know this seems counterintuitive, as the whole point of me being here is to learn stuff and eventually know how to biomedically engineer things. But college is about more than academics. These past few weeks have really shown me the truth to this statement.

What will I remember at the end of next year? Probably not every Matlab code or problem set. Probably not every equation or formula. But more than likely every one of these experiences.

And also my Spring Fair sunburn. That’s one for the books.