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For the past month I’ve been working at a medical education company in Virginia called Clinical Care Options as an editorial intern. It’s my first real nine-to-five, business-casual office job, where I have my own desk and computer and everything. The editorial team oversees all the modules, recordings, and slidesets that are published to the company website, and I’ve gotten to help out with a lot of interesting projects. Here are a few of the things I’ve done so far:

-Written a newsletter for faculty who speak at the Contemporary Management of HIV conferences, a series of lectures that doctors, nurses, and other care providers can attend to improve their practice and gain credit

-Compiled feedback from Contemporary Management of HIV attendees and organized it by topic

-Edited workflow audit spreadsheets and uploaded them to the website

-Created a number of drug pipeline reports, which are compilations of all the current and future therapies for a disease or condition, including their brand name, manufacturer, mechanism of action, and an outline of current clinical trials

-Helped organize community service projects for CCOcares, including a sandwich-making party to make PB&J sandwiches to be donated to a local nonprofit organization

-Copyedited several slidesets and Clinical Thoughts, which are short interviews from a medical professional about a specific topic that users can comment on and respond to

-Shadowed the recording of a video module, for which a bona fide camera crew came to record a panel of 2 pathologists and 2 oncologists discussing a new cancer drug

Plus a lot more! My job as an intern is basically to do whatever small tasks the editorial team has for me, as well as a few bigger projects over the course of the summer. I’ve learned a lot and gained a variety of new skills, and the experience has gotten me interested the business side of public health. Although I’m close enough to Hopkins to visit on the weekends, I’m super grateful to have had this off-campus, real-world experience before classes start back up again in the fall.