To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

First off, I’m sorry for neglecting my page a lot this semester, I took on a lot of credits this semester as well as more hours at work and joined some new clubs. It was definitely a learning experience of personal limits, but also the wonders of organization in maximizing efficiency. Overall it was a really good semester, though I do wish I would’ve shared it more frequently on here.


That all said, I’m really excited to share what I did do this semester that made it so amazing:


  1. SOHOP/Blue Jay Days!

For both weeks of SOHOP as well has every Monday of April, I’ve been helping out with admitted student events on campus. It’s been hectic, but also so exciting. Every member of the class of 2022 that I met has been amazing and is going to be a great addition to campus next fall. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet so many of you and am looking forward to meeting more in the fall!

  1. Homecoming!!!!

Just this past weekend thousands of alumni came back to campus and it was amazing getting to work a bunch of different events and talk to them. I definitely recommend talking to alumni whenever you get the chance during your time at Hopkins. They have been where you are, and might even be where you want to be. In addition to meeting some very cool people, the big lacrosse game (while a loss) was honestly amazing, both teams played great and the weather couldn’t have been better. I had the opportunity to make some posters for the weekend, which was also really cool to see around.

  1. Hatch Innovation Conference!

This semester I joined TCO Labs, a club on campus dedicated to encouraging and helping student innovation and entrepreneurship. It’s been really great working with this club as a member of media team. Our main event this semester was a big conference where we had two alum come back and speak about their own experiences with entrepreneurship, failure, and just life after Hopkins in general. Additionally, several student run start-ups showcased their work alongside other Baltimore-area start-ups. It was a really great time and very motivational.

  1. Classes + Student Events!

I learned so many things this semester! Learning linear algebra messed with how I look at the vector image features on adobe illustrator, but was also so cool, spending the semester learning the background information that helps power software I use in my everyday life. Also, Intro Java has been really great and rewarding; I honestly had never coded until this semester and learning even just a little about the functionality of programming has been really eye-opening. While these two really stand out right now, the rest of my classes were all really amazing this semester. In addition to classes, I also had the opportunity to go do a bunch of really cool events on campus, ranging all the way from a cappella to goat yoga to Spring fair.

  1. Summer Job/Plans!

In addition to managing everything this semester, I’ve also been lining up something to do for the summer. Right now, I’m planning on taking Calc III and doing graphic design work while staying at home in Wisconsin.


Overall, this has been a really great semester and I can’t believe my freshman year is almost over, though I am really excited for summer and in the fall to see the class of 2022!!