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Now that you’ve been accepted and decided to come to Hopkins (wohoo!) you’re probably thinking about everything from what you want to major in and where you want to live. One question universal question though is what do you pack?

Personally, I chose to bring my whole life with me, but I would not recommend for a few reasons. 1) You will never use half the stuff you bring. 2) It’ll make your room crowded. 3) It’s a lot to move. Here are a few things that I recommend (and don’t!) bringing your freshman year.


  1. Seasonally appropriate clothes! I cannot stress this enough. I’m from Florida and my whole wardrobe consisted of summer clothes. When I brought them here, I wore my tank tops for two months tops before I had to put them away for the rest of year. Baltimore has all four seasons, so pack a little for each.
  2. A reasonable number of shoes. Think about the ones you wear a lot and bring those, but don’t go overboard. Be sure to bring a formal pair for any interviews or formals you may go to. You’ll also be doing a lot of walking on campus, from your dorm to your classes to the library to the cafeteria, so keep comfort in mind.
  3. A lamp. This might seem a little random, but it’s something that I realized I really needed if I wanted to study in my room at night.
  4. Photos from home! These are really good decorations to put on your wall, especially since they’re small and easy to transport.

Don’t recommend:

  1. Your own fridge and microwave. This is a lot to carry and since you’ll most likely only be using it for one year, it’s easier to rent it from the school.
  2. A drying rack. I brought mine thinking that I would use it a lot, but most of the time I just ended up hanging anything I wanted to air dry on the backs of my chairs and wardrobe doors.
  3. Random t-shirts. You will get so many free t-shirts in college that you won’t even know what to do with them. Bring a few sentimental ones, and let Hopkins take care of the rest.

With that being said, it’s totally fine if you don’t get it right the first time! Amazon and CVS will become your new best friends if you forget any essentials. Plus, you can always take things back and forth during breaks. Happy packing!