UniMini is the crowning jewel of Hopkins late-night food. Don’t get me wrong, the $2.50 garlic knots at Maxie’s are a fantastic deal. And Insomnia Cookies can really hit the spot at 2am, I know this for a fact. But there really isn’t a better one-stop-shop on any given night than UniMini.

UniMini is stocked with tons of snacks and goodies, but the star is their deli. One can order anything from fries, to jalapeno poppers, to sandwiches (including steak/egg/cheese, shwarama, chicken parmesan, and my new personal favorite — falafel and hummus). Most importantly are their mozzarella sticks, which are quite the campus phenomenon.

In the spirit of fried food and dangerously high levels of sodium, I decided to make a BuzzFeed quiz that’ll tell you your UniMini spirit animal equivalent. The answers and results are all made in good fun! Also note that the pictures are not actual pictures of food from UniMini. (It’s really hard to find an accurate picture of a “special with hash”.)

Check it out here!

And check out @JHU_Grace defining UniMini!